How to find a computers name using systeminfo

This is how to find a computers name using systeminfo/via the DOS command prompt. Whether it be Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

I’ve used this trick quite a few times to get the computer name and look dead techie. You can also get the computer name just by going to System in control panel, however I’ve used this method in the past to find a computers name using systeminfo so that I can create a .txt file which can then be emailed to me.

So this is how you find out when windows was installed.

For all versions you will need to run a command prompt which can be done by typing: cmd.exe into the search bar / Cortano bar.

Red arrow indicates search box on Windows 7

Red arrow indicates search box on Windows 10

In the area indicated type: cmd.exe and press return.

You should now have a box like this.

To find out when your copy of Windows was installed you need to type the following into this box:

systeminfo | find /I “host”

then press return

Your computer will then go away and display a few things as it thinks about it and the resulting date will displayed thus:

If you want to send this in to a file then the command would be:

systeminfo | find /I “host” >computername.txt

This will look like its done nothing but in fact has generated a file in this folder called computername.txt

This can either be emailed or opened.



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