How to find out when Windows was installed

This is how to find out when Windows was installed on your PC.Whether it be Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

I get asked this question quite a lot and I have helped clients who have been supplied so called new PC’s which have turned out to be 2 years old. This little trick will tell you when windows was last installed on the Pc your using, it wont tell you when it was built.

So this is how you find out when windows was installed.

For all versions you will need to run a command prompt which can be done by typing: cmd.exe into the search bar/ Cortano bar.

Red arrow indicates search box on Windows 7

Red arrow indicates search box on Windows 10

In the area indicated type: cmd.exe and press return.

You should now have a box like this.

To find out when your copy of Windows was installed you need to type the following into this box:

systeminfo | find /I “original”

then press return

Your computer will then go away and display a few things as it thinks about it and the resulting date will displayed thus:

You could just run systeminfo on its own and this will give you the information but it will also include lots of other information which might confuse matters.




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