Humans. Causing global warming since the dawn of time?

Just a quick postulation why the planet is getting warmer, global warming if you like and this is just my opinion.

Why, over the past 100 years why has the planets temperature increased? Is the temperature increase man-made from things like the Industrial Revolution of the 17 and 18 hundreds, or Invention of the motor car, aeroplanes, internal combustion engine or is it to do with something else?

Personally I think global warming has been caused by all of the above but there is another factor, something else not highlighted elsewhere. Sure the above factors have contributed significantly to global warming but in my opinion one Factor has been overlooked or not been highly publicised due to its sensitive nature. This phenomena is the population explosion in the past 300 years of the human race.

Has the increase in population caused Global warming?

Sure the Industrial Revolution and the Burning of fossil fuels hasn’t helped the situation, neither has the deforestation of the planet and having probably increased the global temperature with the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. However one of the factors which seems to be ignored is the increase in global population from just over 600 million in the early 1700s to nearly 8 billion in the year 2016.

Now, I’m not some fancy University professor and my credentials on this subject are only what I’ve read in journals and on the web but as a casual observer of the global warming phenomenon I see very few mentions of the population increase during the global warming transition period. I have read a lot of information over the years on global warming and this phenomenon interests me as it affects myself, my family now and for future generations of the human race, regardless of race, creed or colour.

Now why am I postulated a theory about the increase of the population of planet Earth as a factor in global warming you ask? Well, one of the major contributors to global warming is the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and to a lesser extent, Methane. Gases that all humans on this planet excrete through breathing and digestion. So we are excreting Carbon dioxide and methane but at the same time we are also burning fossil fuels again increasing carbon dioxide production this coupled with the deforestation of our planet which is what absorbs greenhouse gases is not helping the situation.

I also see the population explosion as helping accelerate global warming as more humans need to consume more resources to produce more humans this is a vicious cycle. They say the birth rate in some countries is declining however third world countries birth rate is actually accelerating as short life expectancies and greater infant mortality in children in the poverty stricken areas of the planet means pare the have more children as infant mortality is seen as the norm.

Population is also no longer spread evenly across the planet because of the huge numbers of humans involved we have now evolved megacities such as London, Tokyo, Singapore Dhaka, etc, etc where the residents of these cities are no longer responsible for the creation of energy for their needs and these has been pushed to huge power stations which burn coal, oil, gas or use nuclear energy to create electricity. How has this added to the situation I do not know but we seem to love our Green house gas power stations over renewable energies.

I will summarise that the population growth over the past 300 years hasn’t just cause the global warming situation but has help to accelerate it.

What do you think? If you don’t agree with this conclusion please leave a comment in the comments box below and tell me why. If you have any evidence to the contrary please post links as I would be more than interested to read any articles on the subject.

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