I chickened out on the Blackpool Eye

On visiting blackpool recently I wanted to go up the Blackpool Eye and I’m not usually scared of heights as I’ve been up high in cherry pickers, rock climbef slate quarries in Wales and stood atop skyscrapers in the past but I just couldn’t walk on this. It made my sphincter twitch something rotten!

It also didn’t help when everytime I went to walk across my gaze was drawn to the glass walkway, talk about don’t look down.

Blackpool Eye is the new name for Blackpool Tower as Blackpool Tower is now used to describe all the events within the Tower Complex such as the Dungeons, Ballroom, etc..

Blackpool Eye is 518 ft in height and the viewing platform starts at 380ft up to 406ft up.

If you want to visit I would recommend booking in advance online or be prepared to have you pants pulled down on price if you pay on the day. Online price for two adults and a child was 瞿29, on the door price was 瞿40!!!!

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