I don’t fear the reaper | afraid of death

From my early teenage years I’ve always been afraid of death and on certain occasions this year has led me to have extreme insomnia and depression because I feared that I may die. I have had this somesome irrational fear since my early teens when I had several close relatives die within a very short period. People who I loved and who broke a little piece of my heart when they passed. Their deaths were kept from us kids and never explained as to what had happened. Those people just weren’t there anymore.

However in recent years the fear has subsided substantially and in recent weeks I no longer fear the Reaper, or death itself.

A realisation recently with the death of a friend, has made me realise for all, life at some point must come to an end.

Nobody is immortal, and at some point our lives must end. Whether this be through old age, illness or sudden trauma. We must all accept that, at some point our lives will end and we will be no more.

Death is an irrational fear to an inevitable conclusion. At some point your life will end, enjoy your life, be happy in your life, live your life to the full and cherish every day as it may well your last. Love those around you, enjoy what you love and love what you do and do it often.

I now realise that even when we have died, our physical body may be no more but we live on in the hearts and minds of the people we loved and who loved us.

Wealso live on in the memories of our loved ones and friends. We are never truly forgotten. Our actions on this planet are recorded in the things that we do, things we’ve said, actions we’ve taken – be they good or bad. Even though we maybe dead our spirit loves on in the people we touch in our lives, so we never truly die.

Be well my brothers and sisters. I love you one and all, for we embark on an amazing journey with the same outcome for us all.

Don’t fear the Reaper, enjoy your life, as death is innevitable – how you live life it is all tgat matters.

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