I don’t understand Technology

I hear many people say the words “i don’t understand Technology”

Well, pull your finger out and learn!

The way I look at technology in the world today is that everybody wants to use it but nobody is willing to invest the time in learning how to use, even though they know it will make their lives better.

Therefore if technology doesn’t work straight away or exactly how the user expects then this is somehow the fault of the hardware/software and not of the human being sat in front of said technology. I’m not talking about system crashes but just general use of IT.

Admittedly technology is not an easy thing to learn gor some but how many people learnt to drive but you’re still complaining about how difficult it is to use technology even thought you invested time in driving lessons to learn how to use a car properly.

Invest some time into learning how to use technology so that it can benefit you.

Don’t just bitch, whinge and complain about how difficult it is to use. Get off your arse and learn how to use it.

“I don’t understand technology”, more like I don’t want to/can’t be arsed to understanding technology.

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