I hate Cat Shit | Cat poo in my garden

I hate cat shit and the cats who crap in my garden.

What, why do you hate cats mike?
Those lovable fluffy bundles of fluffyness?
Tame vermin more like!

So, why do I hate cats?

Well, firstly I have a severe allergy to cats, especially fluffy cats, the fluffier the cat the worse my allergy. This allergy makes me itch, then my eyes water and then I start to sneeze my head off. This continues for several hours after I’ve moved away from the cats or the house which they where in.

However an even bigger reason I hate them is nothing to do with my allergy but more to do with what the little bastards do and leave in my garden.


and yes I can say that, after all this is my website. Cat shit!

If you have a cat, let me ask you a question. If I came into your garden night after night and let my dog leave little piles of shit scattered around your lawn and bedding plants, how would you feel. You’d report me to the police wouldn’t you? Or what would you say if I bought a cat and let it shit in your back garden every night?


So all you cat lovers will be saying, “Well its nature isn’t it” or “There wild animals what can you do?” or even “My cats are so nice they don’t do that”

Both of my neighbours have more than one cat and some of my others neighbours have one cat so we are in somewhat of a cat hotspot, and I am sick of cleaning cat shit out of my garden everyday.

Now what really annoys me even more is that if this was dog doing this I could take legal action against the owner of the dog, but because there is no legislation for cats I have to put up with it. Theres nothing worse than doing a bit of gardening and finding you’ve either put your hand in “Cat shit” or you’ve nearly put your hand in “Cat shit”

I’ve taken to some drastic measure to stop the bastards shitting in my garden, I’ve bought cat scarers, they work to a fashion but I’d need loads to cover all of the garden and there £35 each!. I’ve tried putting scent down in the garden which is supposed to scare cats away, but when it rains it washes this away. I’ve even put little pointy sticks in the garden to discourage them from squatting down but they just shit elsewhere.

The most effective method I have found is water. A good soaking with the hose pipe usually stops a cat in its tracks but this involves sitting watching the garden all day!

Failing the above what can I do to stop cats coming into my garden? If I even say I’ll harm a cat I’ll have the Cat Protection League beating a path to my door, threatening me with Legal or verbal/physical abuse.

Talking to my neighbours about their cats, gets me the typical cat owner responses, see above, so their as likely to do anything about it as they are to clean up the shit their cats leave behind.

Its about time cat owners where made responsible for their pets as dog owners have been made to be. After all if you are responsible enough to buy a pet then you should be responsible enough to look after it and be responsible for your pets actions. Whatever they maybe!

Cat shit! I hate it.


It has come to my attention by others who have had the same problem, and there are lots of people if the number of emails I get about this page alone are anything to go by. That your council won’t do anything about this situation. Indeed if the amount of Cat shit in your garden becomes a problem and you don’t deal with it, YOU, not the cat owners who are liable for Prosecution on Health Grounds! How crazy a situation is that?

Its about time the law was changed to make cat owners more liable for their pets actions as dog owners have made to be.

Here’s a typical Council response. The names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Thank you for your Letter, addressed to *********, dated 3 May 2004, which has been forwarded to me for action.

Unfortunately, there are no laws or bye-laws under which we can take action against the owners of cats fouling in your garden. In fact, if it became a health issue, action would be taken against yourself to keep your garden clear of such faeces. Cats are considered to be “free spirits” and are unable to be restrained. They are excluded from the definitions of “livestock” under the Animals Act 1971 and cannot be held guilty of trespass under civil laws and their owners, therefore, cannot be liable for any damage caused. In any event, it would be extremely difficult to prove that a specific cat had produced any specific faeces.

The only exception where the local authority may take action would be if a single household kept a large number of cats (more than 12) whereby the premises could be considered to be a cattery or sanctuary or breeding establishment and would require planning consent. Under these circumstances, certain conditions may be applied in order to reduce the risk of the cats straying. 

The only advice that we can offer is that cat repellant crystals may be bought from local hardware shops. A cheap deterrant is to place lemonade (or similar) bottles half filled with water (lying on their sides) at various places around your garden as the reflection from the water appears to act as a deterrant to cats.

I am sorry we are unable to assist you further with your problem.

Yours Some Council Person!

If you have something to say on this subject or if you think my views on cat are wrong then let me know by adding you comments at the bottom of the page. If there appropriate then they will be approved for other to see.

Tips for keeping cats from your yard, from others

I get quite a few emails from people with suggestions about how to stop cats leaving cat shit in your garden, unfortunately most are unprintable but a few are helpful and I have included them below.

CDs in the garden From Vince
“this is actually the only thing that worked for me, get a cd or a few (any type but must be the reflective side facing towards) place on the ground in a few places facing the beasts (trial n error but i placed inline with my rosebeds adjusting the angles) they really do not like it,hope this helps let me know if this does…v man”

Wooden Meat Skewers from Maria
In the areas of garden you dont want cat scat put wodden meat skewers or sticks sticking upwards our of the ground. These are the type which are used for kebabs.

There are a few things I would like to add to this page as its been a while since it was last updated.

As this page is receiving a large number of hits, over 600,000 since March of 2008, it would seem that I am not the only one with this problem, it would also seem that there are a few cat lovers out there who deem it their mission in life to write abusive, even threatening emails to me. I will not tolerate this type of email or message on my message board and will report any offenders to the police who have already received and acted on two such emails. I have not made any threats of violence against cats on here, and if you, the people who have send threatening emails said the same thing in the street then would you not expect a reaction of some sort?

I have also had a few emails saying, “You own dogs, your dogs shit all over the place” not so! I always carry doggie bags and clean up after my dogs as I dont want my neighbourhood, town or countryside to be covered in dog shit, so I clean up after them. Plus I dont want a £1000 fine, something you cat owners dont factor into the equation.

Since I originally wrote this one of my neighbours have moved “Yes, next door have gone and taken their four cats with them” My other next door neighbour now only has one cat, as one of them was sadly run over outside the house. So the amount of car shit in our garden has dramatically reduced and since we bought a dog its reduced to zero in the back garden, we get some occassionally in the front garden but its rare now.

I keep this page going as it helps others with the same problems and the comments below is a place for those to vent their anger. For those with cats who let them outside have some respect for your neighbours, I had somebody say “My cat doesnt go in my garden” well I dont know of any cats which spend their entire life not shitting at some point, so ask yourself where are they going to take a dump?

I hate cat shit and if you cats shit in my garden don’t expect me to shrug my shoulders and say “ah! there just doing a nature intended”

This is an interesting website supplied by a visitor from castaway.org. Some very interesting information on Cat law. Council employees and cat owners may learn something here: http://catsaway.org/cat-law

There is a petition online to get the law changed, visit and sign it : https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/125500

If you’re going to post comments below, please be civil as all comments are posted at my discretion!

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200 thoughts on “I hate Cat Shit | Cat poo in my garden

  1. I agree with you totally, whilst I would not condone the use of illegal methods to harm cats, they are IMO an “introduced predator” and I cannot understand why I dont have the right by law to ask “owners” to keep “their pet” away from my garden areas.

    1. I totally agree with you I am having the same problem and i own dogs 2 greatdanes but the sneaky little sods come and crap when the dogs are in the house. Imagine if my dogs did the same thing on other peoples property.

      1. I totally agree with you.
        Cats are such a nuisance where I live and anything to stop them from coming into my garden would be great.
        I am allergic to cats and on the occasions I come into contact with them they trigger my chronic asthma then I usually end up being admitted to hospital.

    2. One better way place plastic bottles filled with water around the borders.use netting like onion sacks.this works best especially around the house.
      Cats dare not get near.simply lay netting or do what I did.hooks with rope and hang netting then use tent pegs to hold netting in place.works wonders..keeps six cats well away and they crap elsewhere.
      Leaving my place fresh and clean.
      Water is good.laws stand,cause cats distress.this can cause issues.
      Be careful! All the best.

      Do not use sticks as a child could become victim.this really will have full arm of laws against anyone.sticks.pipes sticking up is dangerous.
      Not at all recommend.

      1. Please reinstate the petition onve the brexit stuff is finished with.
        It is crazy to me that cat ownrrd are not held responsible for their pets mess. Why should cats be so protected and have right to roam anywhere causing distress to others.
        Please let’s try the petition again.
        Thanks for all the ideas.

      2. I have had a problem with my neighbours 3 cats for 18 years and am so fed up with clearing up their disgusting stinking mess. Something should be done to make cat owners responsible for their animals and keep them indoors.

          1. Hey Barney, how about my dog shits in your garden, and after 18 years you won’t mind because you’ll be “used to it”

    3. I totally agree with you mate I have spent years improving my soil only to find more and more cat shit. Can you not return the cat shit to the owners (many methods of doing this) as you would when you cut tree branches belonging to your neighbour but are hanging over your fence, leagally they belong to the neighbour

    4. Getting exasperated by cat poop, you clean up one part of the garden, only ti find they have moved to another part. I have started sticking dead rose bush branches in soil to deter them but can’t do that on lawn. I have also used polystyrene packing and stuck pieces if cut wire in it to act as a deterrent but these are an eyesore in a pretty garden

  2. i have a complaint about a tenant who shares a communal garden with 6 other residents these are communal flats we have a communal garden which we pay for he uses our garden as his private cat lavatory and does not clean up after it ever so we are forced to sit in it or clean it up footing the bill.its impossible to sit there surely we can take action against him he has a responsibility to clean up after his animal .

  3. I have boundaries on three sides with cat owners. My dog is elderly and no longer looks after the garden for me . I have counted ten different cats using my garden as a toilet. I am so cheesed off now that any poop I find goes back over the nearest fence into the cat owners gardens. Hav’nt been caught yet. It gives me great satisfaction doing this. I am really bad!!

    1. Is it illegal to “return” the cat poo to the cat’s owner? When I catch my neighbour’s cat doing his business n my front lawn, I promptly return his deposit to the cat owners new astro turf front lawn. Despite the small sense of getting even this brings, I do worry that I am breaking the law?

  4. I don’t hate cats just the poop I have to clean up every day. They are the dirtiest animals on the planet. There should now be a law that cat owners have to look after there animals as dog owners do.we are surrounded by cats all my neighbours who are not owners are sick of cleaning up cat poop and replanting in flower beds. Come on MPs look into this.

  5. My neighbours cats keep crapping in my garden, I also own 2 dogs (one is a rescue and HATES cats) Ive told my neighbour that if my dog gets hold of one of her cats she will kill it but now she’s moaning I let my dogs out on purpose to get her cat (which I don’t). It’s my own privately secured garden but apparently I have to check my garden before letting my dogs out.I pick up my dog crap and I’m sick to death of picking up her poxy cat mess.What do we need to do to get the law changed?
    I’ve really had enough!!!

    1. That is ridiculous! Why do you have to check your own garden before you let your dogs out?! That is not necessary. And if your neighbour is brave enough and stupid enough to let her cat freely run and shit all over your property then she should accept the consequences of it!

      This is your garden and you can do what you want in it. If the cat gets killed then it is your neighbours fault. Cats are considered by council as ”free spirited, wild animal” then when ”nature” takes place and cat dies, it is not your fault.

      In addition she can not prove that you let your dogs out on purpose , because there is no law in place to say that you need to check your garden for cats before you let your dogs out.

  6. Just found this page and have to say i totally sympathise. As a keen gardener myself, i have had cat problems. I’m surrounded by them. And those that don’t have cats have dogs so the cats only go in the one garden where there are no pets…..mine.
    I have made the choice NOT to have pets. This is because i work many hours and i feel this makes me an unsuitable pet owner. No matter the animal, pets need looking after and pet owners need to remember that. If you make the choice to have a pet then keep that pet to yourself and family. Your neighbours don’t want anything to do with it but too many people get a pet and in one way or another, this pet affects the neighbours. Be it a yapping dog, squawking birds or a cat crapping in someone elses garden. These days no one actually gives a toss about anyone else.
    Sorry this post is so long but i feel so strongly about this. And before anyone witters on about me hating animals, i consider myself a real animal lover. I haven’t eaten one since 1987 and regularly volunteer with animal charities. I don’t hate the cats that used to come into my garden, i don’t hate the 5 yapping dogs that disturb my weekends, i don’t even hate the large parrots that scream at over 87 decibels every sunday morning. But i really hate the arseholes who are supposed to be looking after these animals.

    Until January this year, i’d been plagued with cat shit in my garden. But last year was a turning point for me. I put my hand into my potato beds to dig up some spuds for dinner and put my bare hand into cat shit. It’s not “natural”. It’s not ok. I don’t have pets so tell me why i have to put up with their shit in my finger nails?? I declared war. That was the last straw.
    Since then i’ve made my garden cat proof. I have spent £2000 ish and many many hours of hard work but since January of this year, nothing other than birds has got into my garden. My raised beds are open, all my flower beds are freshly dug and undisturbed. I have dug a special area away from humans on some waste ground especially for the neighbourhood cats and regularly leave food for them. i have done what their idiot owners should have done and given them somewhere to go. And i make sure their feline needs are provided for. Which is a hell of a lot more than the owners do. Everyone is happy. I can garden without shit on my hands, the cats can go to the toilet and the lazy bastard owners don’t have to get off their fat arses and actually do anything.
    I tried all the hints and tips on discouraging cats from shitting in a certain area but nothing worked. The only way is to make sure they never come into your garden in the first place.

      1. I have two outdoor cats who have recently been using my neighbours garden as soon as I was told I’ve been trying repellent to keep them from her garden they are my pets so why should she suffer for it luckily she’s very understanding and knows I am trying my best not all cat owners refuse to take responsibility for their pets mess

    1. This is great. How have you stopped them? Our dog chases them off in the day but they (or something) is coming at night and crapping the stinkiest mess in my bark chipped area we recently added with expensive plants in. It is surrounded by lavender that cats are meant to hate but something comes and scrapes a heap of bark chips over the pale stinking heap. It’s disgusting, unclean and I’m sick of it. As a disabled lady I am not able to keep cleaning this up and it’s really upsetting me. We have tried water, shiny CD’s, cat repellent and it’s all money and effort for nothing. If I see them I will do something drastic as they are ruining my life and garden space.

  7. I just don’t like being shit on whether that’s dogs or cats and I have been an owner of both. When I had a cat many years ago it was kept indoors and Never went out! It used a litter tray and was a very contented animal to the end. I am surrounded by ignorant mindless and thoroughly selfish neighbours and their ruddy cats and now have several coming into the garden. They are even eating the mealworms I put out for the birds!! It should be no less an offence as dog fouling and as for damage then the owner should be held liable because they should be held to account for the actions of their pet(s). We need to push our MP’s to take this seriously. It is no less serious to catch a disease from cat shit as it is from dogs. I guess the only time government will take the matter seriously is when a kid loses it’s sight from cat shit..this may sound harsh but pity it doesn’t happen to one of their own kids then just maybe they will change the law.

  8. My husband and I have just been in fits of laughter reading this. We feel totally the same way! They ruin my front and back garden. Also, we have 2 small children, and I am totally fed up that I have to go round the garden to check for cat crap before I let them play in the garden. Even then they come back having trod in any that I missed. Their health is at risk also due to toxoplasmosis. Very annoyed!

  9. Mate,just to let you know that every cat owner who buys a cat knows full well that it will wander and shit at will wherever it likes . The owner does not care one bit and you can go to hell as far as they are concerned . They have got a cat and you will dam well put up with it .my father years ago ,who is no longer with us threw a garden fork at a cat and should be highly congratulated that he scored a direct hit , should l feel sorry . My dad was cock a hoop .

    1. Not every cat owner.
      I have a cat , he never goes out past our patio and never do his business anywhere else but his litter tray. when he’s out on the patio and needs to go he goes back home to do it.

      1. My girly cats used to knock on the front door to be let back in so that they could use the litter trays in the back yard! Now they won’t go out front at all – could be to do with the huge number of new cats in our street – I counted 6 piles of crap on my front lawn and its not that big. I spent over £200 on new turf a few years ago and now it just makes me want to vomit. Its not even nice poo like my own cats do. So i have a real problem, I have cats who won’t go out because obviously to them the front garden must smell like a living nightmare.

  10. HI

    I absolutely agree with what you say. We used have a vegetable plot in the front but now is being used as a litter tray so I no longer can grow vegetables. But it started in the back garden since we lost our dog. Whatever I do they come back I’ve talked to the person who owns the cat and she said they do it in my garden too well they should and not do it in mine I’m so frustrated they ruining my garden and why should I have to pick it up. Especially as it is highly dangerous to humans. Thanks for letting me vent my anger.

  11. Having just washed yet another stinking mess from my slippers I think it is time for my favourite cat repellent. after wasting lots of money on sonic, granules, peppers and other guaranteed cat stoppers I at last found the Cat Water Spray repeller. It works, shove in four batteries, hook it up to the garden hose and watch those little bastards run. It costs just over £21.00 and only lasts one season due to the battery compartment getting corroded, but it is worth it. The added bonus was the cat owner who poked his nose over my fence to swear at me for upsetting his pussy, the motion detector put the jet of water right in his face. Laughing whilst receiving death threats may be a trifle silly, but! boy oh boy it was worth it.

    1. Death threats, excuse me, have you told the police about this moron and his threats?? At this point, I’d most certainly throw the cat shit over his fence, piece of trash threatening you!

  12. i spent £60 pound on spike stripes for my back garden now they just shit in the front.this is not fair on my grandkids who play in the front garden in summer

  13. and over the year i have spent lots of money on things that dont work next door said we will get u a water pistol yes like i’m gonna sit up all night with a fucking water pistol.rant over

    1. I have cats and what annoys me is that i have spoken with my neighbour after he complained about my cats pooping in his garden to let me know that the next time it happens and i said to him i would come round and clean it up and you know what he hasn’t even bothered to tell me so once more he still complains about cats fouling in his garden so how can i help someone when they can’t be bothered to tell me.

    1. The woman across the road has just moved in withy 2 cats, we bought a sonar device and we came home and crap on the garden, I am so so fed up with it…is there a cat trap I could use, in 12 years never had any trouble..

  14. I am thoroughly disgusted, they drop faeces all over my garden. I have so many of my troughs/hanging baskets etc up high now. I put pine needles and holly leaves off my plants between my trees and bushes. They have clawed the trunks of our trees. I pick up all my dog dirt immediately, never leave it even in my own garden. I am so mad.

  15. We have spike strips all around the back garden fences and they are working. Out front we use a sonic sound box. It’s a small battery operated gadget that emits a sonic noise that only cats and dogs can hear if they come near. Watching the cats scatter is hilarious. Revenge is sweet.

  16. I don’t even know where to start with my feelings on this issue. My bone idle, unemployed, benefit grabbing next door neighbours own at least 4 of these disgusting pests that crap all over my garden. Dig up my flower beds and piss all over my grass. The neighbours don’t give a damn about it. They’re perfectly happy with their shit free garden and with me cleaning up their pests mess. The fact that there is no legal support for people in this situation is disgusting and as there are such a large number of people who feel the same something should surely be done. If in any of the many complaints I’ve read the word “cat” was replaced with “dog” there would be uproar instantly but for some reason cats are exempt from disapproval. I was once told that they are clean animals. Well they roam all over my property withoit my permission leaving damage and stinking piles of shit everywhere. So bollocks to “clean animals” They are a nuisance and the owners should be responsible for them and face consequences for failing to do so adequately.

  17. I was in fits of laughter reading this. Have copied my freinds in on it too. Completely agree, and have had the misfortune of having the argument with cat owners time and time again. I cannot understand why its deemed perfectly responsible for a cat to shit wherever it feels like it, without any requirement for the owner to a) know where their cat is or b) clean it up. Dogs in exactly the same circumstances carry a 1000 fine (i think, might have changed), legal action and a requirement to clean it up. If i did it, i would face action in court (yeh I won’t be but, just for the sake of this post), yet cats, who are, after all, PETS, can do whatever the hell they like. I hate cat shit I hate cats and I cannot stand the owners who deny all responsibility for the actions of their pets (cats or dogs or any other animal causing shit ridden streets and gardens).

  18. I created a memory garden after loosing by brother last year and it is repeatedly used as a litter tray, only last night a lady was walking her new cat on a lead and allowing it to spray outside my property where another 4 cats had gathered. I was very cross and lost my temper but have been told here’s nothing I can do as law protects cats and until the law is changed There is nothing we can do. I have spent over £100 on, gels, crystals, sprays and have an electrical high pitched noise machine in my garden but they still come, kill the robins in my garden and crap where they please. I don’t hate cats I just think the owners have a duty to pick up the crap and keep em on a leash. Time the law was changed to end the misery of others….

    1. Hi to all you hard working gardeners and garden lovers out there! Just to share with you I have completed a masterpiece of a rockery that took several weeks to complete, alot of blood sweat and tears and time, not to mention the amount of money I have spent on materials plants etc to create this tranquil colourful space a place where I can sit and relax after a hard days work a beautiful safe haven for birds and butterflies to feed , where flowers can flourish! Well the reality is I can’t enjoy my own garden due to one useless destructive domestic animal they call a cat! My garden that I lovingly created is being shat and urinated on and dug up on a daily basis. Its owners happen to be my next door neighbours . I have approached them and told them about the constant hole digging the crapping the crap I keep putting my fingers into ! The cost of each plant replacement only to be adviced to spend my hard earned money on expensive cat repellents! So I asked them ( very nicely of course) if they would contribute towards the cost of these cat repellents or if they would consider at the very least keep the cat in doors and train it to use a litter tray ( like all good responsible cat owners do!) ” their response “not my problem”
      So My lovely irresponsible cat loving neighbours (put a cat first before a child’s health ) also told me that they had “adopted”this nuisance moggy 2 yrs ago and is now 9 yrs old..( makes me wonder why it was got rid of in the first place!) well let’s hope (fingers crossed)that this little useles fluffy bird killing plant destroying health hazoudous shit machine has already used up 8 of its nine lives! .. The little bastard!..Sorry for ranting on but I Feel much better now . Not much I can do about ignorant thoughtless selfish cat owners unless the law changes but Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get it off my chest! X

      1. I feel the same. I’m so sick of irresponsible idiots obtaining a pet and then letting their neighbours deal with it. Lazy people who shouldn’t be anywhere near another living thing. If something becomes a nuisance to others then there should be something we can do legally to sort it. Cat owners have no idea about the misery they cause their neighbours or they do know and don’t care. I’ve spent over £2000 cat proofing my bloody garden and still i find a pile of cat shit in my damn greenhouse. I want to enjoy my garden without having to clean up cat shit first. Obviously i’m expecting too much.

        1. Cats have a special place in British law. It is accepted that the cat’s owner cannot control it and is thus not responsible for its actions. On the other hand, you are prevented in law from doing anything to harm it. That’s the way it is. It would seem that your cat-proofing measures have been pretty ineffective – a waste of money.

  19. At last I found a page of like minded peeps. I have a nasty little fecker of a cat who insists on pissing like a buck cat even though it’s a neutered she, all over my back door and if I happen to leave the door slightly open, (3 fingers wide that is), the dirty humped back little bastard comes into my house to relieve it’s self. That’s only part of the problem, 4 houses share the entry and nothing does but for it to shit on the concrete and that’s nasty when leaving bins out. Not only that but the stench is stomach churning. I have tried so many deterents, all to no use. Mind you the owner is a complete twat, carries the dirty kitty as if it’s a baby! It’s not a hard job training them to use a litter tray, and I really think it’s time the so called powers that be, apply the same rules to cat owners as dog owners.

  20. After spending on various sprays, lion dung to put on borders and then £140 on electronic sonic animal repellers to cover every angle on our garden, including spending a fortune on batteries we still have a problem of various neighbours cats fouling the lawn as well as borders and around our shed, if the mess is not cleared up daily then the stink is unbearable. The squiggy excrement after lifted still leaves traces which you have to wash away with soapy water on our lawn. We don’t have any pets ourselves because of allergies to cats fur and dander and are a busy household anyway and feel it would be irresponsible to have pets . My neighbours are likewise busy households working full time and yet have pets and are out all day which is another issue, people keeping pets when their pets are left outdoors all day to their own devices. The law is not there to protect us yet this is clearly a health hazard and a nuisance. There is no law of trespass of roaming animals either on our private garden! . On the other hand if we did anything to scare or harm the cats we would be breaking the law . I agree with everyone here that the law needs to recognise that cats excrement is a health hazard and should not be tolerated . Pet owners need to take more responsibility for their pets care and that includes clearing up after them after toileting . Dogs are not allowed to roam and domestic cats should be treated just the same.

    1. I agree cat owners need to take responsibility for their cats. I am sick, sometimes physically sick, of cleaning up mess left by a cat or cats. We have been in this house for two years and spent a small fortune on all sorts of deterrents, but still they come and squat. Not a cat in site when we came to view the property, but then the little darlings are out at night and crap wherever they want to. I have tried all sorts of tips to stop them fouling in our front garden, but none have worked. Really made my temper rise the other day when I parked the car, stepped out and yes you have guessed it, my right shoe was plastered in cat crap. It is disgusting, how would my neighbours who own a cat feel if their little puss crapped all over their own garden and they constantly had to clear it up. Me thinks they would think twice before acquiring an eating/crapping machine, but then they don’t crap on their own garden do they ?? So to conclude, I think cat owners should be made responsible for what is a health hazard.

  21. I dont have a garden so I dont have to put up with cat shit, but I still think it’s wrong that people have to deal with other peoiples pets crapping in theor gardens. My mum, who is visually impaired used to get cats crapping in her garden, which she liked to grow fruit on, and she feels around with her hands so its not pleasant when she discovered the cats mess, and her guide dog had a rather unpleasant habit of eating it , yuck! I know it annoys my friend as well, he does have a garden and cats constantly crap in it, he has 2 young daughters as well, cant be nice to have to check for shit before you let your kids play in the garden. My biggest concern about cats is the fact they kill wildlife. I am very passionate about wildlife and hate to see it being killed by a non native animal that is only here to amuse and entertain certain humans. And I get really wound up when they use the excuse that they are just doing what is natural, NO! they dont belong here, they are pets they are not wild animals they have never lived here until we introduced them. Our native wild animals should have more rights than someone’s pet. The Scottish wildcat is the only exception.

  22. I read the article. Then I read the comments. Miraculously/conveniently all of the comments that you can read/see are pro your opinion on this, hmmm, strange that?!!!!….or maybe not!!!!!

    1. @ironic there are a few on there but mainly the ones I get from cat owners are threats of physical harm to me and I’ve passed a few to the police, but cat owners don’t typically hate cat shit because they never have to deal with it as their cats crap in other peoples gardens!

      1. Beg to differ on the subject of not dealing with cat shit while being a cat owner.
        I came here to look for solution to my neighbours cats crapping all over my front and back yard.
        I am sick of picking up stinky shit of a pet that is not even mine. My garden stinks …
        And my asshole neighbours keep bringing more and more cats!!!
        I spent way too much money on stuff to repeal them from my property .
        And now the surprise bit- all this rant comes from a cat owner !!!
        I have a cat myself. When we got him we spent time training him to do his business ONLY in the tray. Even if he’s on the patio and feels like he needs to go he would come back home…

        I feel a horrible injustice that even though I trained my cat properly ( so not only me but also my neighbours don’t have to clean crap of their shoes ) I still have to clean up mess to protect my children’s and my wellbeing .

        1. Yes! Ironic that I came here and I have 2 girly cats of my own who dare not go out of the front door because of all the horrible smells emanating from our front lawn! I work full time as well so don’t really notice until the weekends. YAK.

  23. I LOVE CATS/ALL ANIMALS, But unlike those moronic “Purist” animal owners, I don’t love the shi#, it tastes awful (as when one of my grandchildren got some of the fesci on her face/lips)I was furious, the local council said (and I quote) no germs/bacteria can be caught off cat fesci, all you can do is scare them off, that in itself was a load of cat shi# answer, every one knows what health affecting viruses or the like CAN be caught, worms to make you BLIND, very nasty bacteria, the list is endless, eventually I found cat spikes really did work, as long as you can cover all garden fencing, unfenced areas could be more difficult, tried all other stuff but no affect,I used to gather all the shi# in a clear freezer bag and throw it into the owners back yard as it’s their property hahaha, one tested method as used by a person I know, was to give the cat a one way holiday miles from its home, uncrual and affective, So to all you purist cat owners, Get a life, before your cats fesci seriously affects the life of some young child, oh yes, you can trace the owners/cat, DNA, once you find the cats home, it’s shi# can be DNA tested, what say you law courts now. Yours Catweasle Noctorum.

  24. The only cat “owners” that I have seen around my block is cat owners that I guess feel entitled to let their cats outside to shit, these 3 cats come to my yard on a daily basis, which really makes me wonder if they even own a kitty litter box.

    I had talked to one cat owner and nothing happened, I called another cat owner and once again, nothing happened. They allow their cats to continue to shit in my yard. I have phoned the local animal control for them to make it sound like it is “my issue only” and that it is up to me to deal with getting these cats out of my yard, they won’t even come down.

    I have to admit it, I like cats, they are a relaxing type of animal and their purrr makes me relax and want to stretch and yawn and have a good cuddle.

    Nevertheless, No one would really care if I lost my dog, heck they would probably steal my dog since it is currently worth $1300.00 and rising, if I ever lost my dog the chances of seeing my dog again would be slim.

    Would I let my dog out of my sight, HECK NO! why? Cause the little guy cost me a fortune, I think this is where the problem lays, Cats are usually given for free and no owner has to pay for their cat so why should they care?

    Not only do cat owners not have to pay for their cat or if they do it is a very small fee, that most cat owners do not neuter or spay their cats. There is no such thing as a “breeder” breeding cats, so therefore many cats are in-tacked. Most breeders force a owner to neuter or spay their dog unless you are willing to pay full breeding prices. Which can go upward to $3000.00 a dog.

    So here is the solution put a high price on a cat’s head and every cat owner would be as paranoid and more responsible as a dog owner is.

  25. I hate cat and dog fouling, unfortunately there is such thing as filthy people with filthy habits who have no consideration for other people or the beautiful country they live in. Dog fouling can be controlled just pick up your dogs shit and bin it, cat fouling can be controlled more if cats were kept in at night, that’s the time when they mainly shite in your garden but who does that……….. no one, WHY? Because they don’t give a shit about you or your young children who play in your own garden risking getting cat shit on them and even in their eyes. I have a dog and I can honestly say I have never failed to clean it up I don’t see why I should also have to clean up other peoples cat shit on my property. It makes me want to leave dog shit outside their front door but I will not let myself sink to their filthy level. Cat owners please keep your cats in at night and be more responsible.

  26. You are all very sad people. My cats are free to do as they like and how can I stop them pooing in other people gardens. I cant follow them round all day.

    Get a life!

    1. Hi Cat lady,
      Please, It’s exactly this way of thinking that is pissing people off. Is this your attitude towards fellow humans in general? Because it stinks as much as the excrement your “Pet(s)” leave behind. Look after your pet, train your pet and do frustrated people a favor and spare the “fluffy was last seen..” posters on telegraph poles because your wild animal Is only domesticated when it suits you and got run over.
      If you wish to apply the “I can’t watch them all the time” approach then don’t own a pet you can’t take care of.
      If I would own a lion or tiger or crock, it falls under the dangerous animals act.
      The fact is while scratching kids and hissing at them in their own back garden (not all cats are like this I know as a former cat owner) because the trampoline area has been sprayed enough for MR TOM – some are truly horrible creatures, as his area. It’s not on.
      For the docile ones. You are not dealing with the shit and piss on other people’s property are you!? It’s always the same ignorant response “MY cat doesn’t do that”….’they are free spirits’ well how do you know if it can do what it wants in the night?
      I read that there are ways to train your cat so you fit into either the “Ok I feel for people group and want to help” or the “I don’t give a shit group”
      Sadly you are not bringing much of a bridge with your comments. There is a way, proven things that work. Which group are you in then?
      I would never kill an animal for fun or sport, but I would for food NP. ‘Pest control’ is soon under consideration. You can feel “Lucky” or whatever your cat’s name is isn’t on my menu, but the milk in my tea is from cows that NEVER get out. I feel bad about that the poor creatures only existing for milk, The eggs I buy must be free range, free range milk is tricky but I will buy it and pay more if I can (the meat to goes into a big-mac by the way)
      Meanwhile cats are sort of protected but not… It’s a weird situation because they are a pest for many and live better lives than what goes in out tea. So look after your cat please or one day it will be a poster somewhere and you will blame cat haters over your irresponsibility.
      As a former Police officer of 27 years my father’s wisest and most honest words go like this.
      “Rules are for the strict obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men” “Rules and the law “”Atempt”” to put in place a structure for peace and good amongst people. For people often without distraction or moral thinking, rules are necessary.
      Boils down to when people can be fair, we don’t need rules. Simple. Please respond with your thought’s / Problems from your thinking and lets find a solution to the many peed off people on here.
      I bet you won’t reply if you are my stereotypical cat person…
      Kind Regards
      A thinker

    2. No, your cats are not “free to do as they like”. I learn that by calling animal control. If you continue to allow your cats to destroy other ppl’s property, then not only are the owners of that property allowed to capture your cat and have animal control come get your cat, you can also be taken to court for damages. So, LEARN to RESPECT other ppl’s property.

    3. Take responsibility for your animal. Your neighbours don’t want your cats shit in their gardens. We have lives….busy full lives made more busy because we have to clean up after idiots like you who can’t be arsed looking after their pet. Think about others for a change.

    4. What a horrible creature you are! Typical “don’t give a crap” attitude! You shouldn’t even have them as you are clearly an irresponsible ignorant owner! Just witnessed one kill a little bird in MY garden! My dogs are going to be on high alert from now on!

    5. Yes you can stop them…keep them in your home, walk them on a lead and pick up after them. What an ignoramous! I bet she stinks, wollows in cat hair, has cat hair sanwiches and thinks that normal.

  27. So far lemon eucalyptus oil has stopped the cats in my garden it does have a strong smell but anything is better than the smell of cat shit. The cat now shits in my neighbours garden instead got it on CCTV.

  28. I think it is very unfair that dog owners have to pick up dog shit and cat owners just sit there laughing because there are loop holes in the system!!

    It is stupid since the cat is considered as ”pet” just like dogs are !

    Additionally if there is no legislation in place for cat owners to collect the shit of someone else’s property then there should be one implemented!!Cat shit is as dangerous as dogs shit (meat eaters)!

    If they can not do that then at least cat owners should be made to pay for cat scares and sprinklers that poor neighbours have to pay for themselves to keep their own gardens clean!
    If i see someone’s cat shit in my garden i will personally lift that shit up and throw it at the owner’s door mat! Or encourage my dog to take a shit in their garden every night. If they can’t catch me it wasn’t me right ?!

  29. Amazing ho whwne they get run over theyre suddenly “beloved pets” and the neglectful owner who let fluffy loose to meet the car is in the papers wailing about it. Most cat owners are the fucking pits. I have 2 cats. they have a large purpose built run which they love, they are safe and they do not shit all over my neighbours homes and gardens.

  30. My neighbours are on housing benefit but can afford to own over ten cats. They moved in last year. Since then our plants have been dug up and we are removing several kilos if cat shit from our garden after work each week.
    My neighbours are lazy, selfish irresponsible tax funded arseholes. Cat owners are as vile as their pets.

  31. The most effective device we’ve bought so far us a sensor which fires water at them. We have it in place by our bird boxes. It’s just a shame that we can’t afford them to cover the whole garden. But if the stops the vermin killing birds its a start.

    1. I use lemon eucalyptus oil they hate the smell of it havnt had a cat since. Apply it every few days or after rainfall to your soil avoiding plants. Buy it on amazon.

      1. Thanks for the tip. This weekend I removed tons of the stuff and tried putting down some citronella oil as I’d read that it works.
        If it doesn’t I’ll give the lemon eucalyptus a try.

        1. Citronella does work too. I have found that you need to apply it often or it wears off. As soon as it wears off or you leave a gap you get more shit. It’s not the best job in the winter but a better job than cleaning up shit, it’s worth doing. Hope it works for you.

          1. So far it hasn’t been very effective as there’s more crap, although it has rained
            I think I’ll use up the citronella and then take your advice and try the lemon eucalyptus

  32. I have the same problem with my neighbour’s cats. If there is no law that will make these cat owner’s responsible, can’t we start a petition asking similar rules to be enforced as for dogs?

    1. I know for a fact there was a petition going round a few years ago but it never got anywhere. The main issue is the government and councils don’t see it as a problem because its done in private places not public which is usually where irresponsible dog owners let their dogs crap. Because cats defecate on private land then the problem is pushed onto individuals as its on land the public purse isn’t responsible for.

      1. Ooooh not always the case mykp! I live directly opposite a children’s play park, the play equipment is sited on a big sand patch which is frequented by the cat’s living on my road and surrounding roads, as a result my grandchildren when visiting are not allowed the pleasure of playing on the equipment.

  33. I am having that same issue. For 3 months now my neighbor’s cat has been using my garden (that I busted my ass on, and spent over a grand on) as a litter box. I have said something to them 6 times now. The first 4 times were nice, calm conversations the last 2 were not. I’m getting really sick of dealing with this. I have never in my life experienced such disrespectful, inconsiderate ppl in my life. They have no respect for other ppl’s property! What can I do, before I lose my mind?

    1. Unfortunately most cat owners are extremely selfish and try to twist it as though we are the ones with the problem
      My neighbour is causing problems for several people on my street with her 10 plus cats
      I’m waiting to hear back from the local council housing department about the pet policy for their tenants
      I’m not holding my breath though
      We’ve spent a fortune on devices to stop the cats coming in the garden, but we are still picking up bag loads of shit every week

      1. The woman across the road moved in with her 2 cats and for 12 years we haven’t had a problem, now her cats are crapping all over my lovely garden.I have tried everything to stop them and failed and I came home to a another pile today, the sun making it stink even more.I put a letter thru her door telling her I was going to start billing her and I was sick of her cats ****..she rang the police at 11-30 at night and they woke us up to tell us she had made a complaint.what lunacy..i just want them to stop ******** in my garden..my grandson stepped on the stones and into a stinking pile of it, I am so angry and fed up

  34. If people choose to have cats and let them roam free they should be prosecuted for anti-social behaviour. Cats not only leave revolting shit everywhere, but kill wildlife. They should be reclassified as vermin.

  35. As a long time cat sufferer I feel your pain! The problem is definitely getting worse and some local councils can now be persuaded to act if you approach them the right way.

    It is a misconception that cat owners cannot be held responsible because cats have a right to roam and under the common law duty of care all cat owners have to take reasonable steps to ensure their pet does not cause damage to another persons property. http://catsaway.org/cat-law/

  36. Just read the comments on this thread and would like to post the perspective of a responsible cat lover. I have one cat, she is provided with a clean well kept litter tray, which is used regularly and is a good way for us to monitor her health and habits. She does like to go out and we restrict this to late evening/night when her natural nocturnal habits prevail, avoiding traffic and the people who do not welcome her, she is allowed by the Wildlife Act to have some natural life. I have two cat-hating neighbours who now blame her/us for every feline visitor they have!! One has loads of bird-feeders and complains about mice infesting her garden. The seed that drops on the ground attracts vermin and obviously this will also attract predators. How do you educate people who only want to blame one source for their problem – this neighbour puts mouse traps in her garden and regularly kills the birds who try and eat the bait. I overheard her threatening to hurt a cat and marked her card – if people didn’t home/neuter/vaccinate and care for these animals there would be colonies of cats!! No-one ever posts a thread about birds messing everywhere or the damage magpies, house-sparrows etc. do. I have never seen a dog owner deal with their dogs urine deposit as they go through the park/green areas in their neighbourhood on a daily basis. Please don’t tar every cat owner with the same brush, thank you xxx

    1. It doesn’t come as a surprise that pet owners want to shun their responsibility of being liable for their pets’ actions. I understand your love for your pets but how justified is it to expect your neighbours to clean up after your pets. And please don’t think you are doing a favour to the society by keeping them in your homes. If they were stray animals, it would be lot easier to deal with the problem. They would probably be neutered by the local councils like monkeys & other similar animals& yes public money would be used but don’t we pay for a lot of other things. And if any of the animal was a nuisance, people would be free to put them in a trap & tow them away or in the worst case scenario, poison them or have them put down which cannot be done if they belong to someone!!

  37. Im sorry you have to put up with thick minded neighbours. I also have this problem, their cats sit on my car, kill wild birds and crap on my property and they don’t care. I don’t think most cat owners understand the problems their cats cause for other people. I choose not to have cats although I do like cats. I also don’t want them using my garden as a litter tray because my 2 year old plays there. The urine thing you mentioned I agree with but atleast it gets washed away with rain, the shit stays there turns mushy in the rain and smells putrid and is then harder to clean up. Some dog owners are just as bad not cleaning up their dog shit even with new laws. Cats don’t do their business on public footpaths like some irresponsible dog owners, cats shit on other people’s gardens instead which is why its not talked about. It’s left for the neighbours to deal with rather than the council.

  38. I would also like to reply to the point about issues caused by wild birds. They are 100% wild and do not have an owner like cats. I don’t mind cleaning up bird crap I have bird feeders to invite them in to my garden, i do not invite cats in to my garden and that is my choice just like its your choice to have a cat as a pet. We are lucky to have the most stunning birds in the world in our country they should be embraced not critisized.

  39. You say you are responsible because you pick up your dog mess, but why do you allow your dog to drop it in the first place. Toxacara and Toxaplasma are very serious worms found in cat and dog litter that can make people go blind, especially small children, so why don’t all you pet lovers stop risking the health and eyesight of innocent children who have done nothing wrong. Keep your desease spreading creatures in your own gardens and stop alloying them to spoil communal spaces. I am a tax payer who contributes to the local taxes for dog mess bins but I haven’t got an animal or pet because I don’t want to be spreading these diseases all over the place. If I did have a pet I would ensure it done its business in my own garden because I am am considerate and responsible, not like all the so called animal lovers who let their pets soil all over risking the health of children and others. You shouldn’t be fined for allowing your creatures to make a mess, you should be jailed!

    1. I agree with you on not letting your dog shit all over the place and as a dog owner it pains me when I see dog shit all over the estate I live on, but I am assured it doesn’t belong to my dogs. I am not sure what point you are making about taxes? So if you don’t have a dog you should pay less tax? Okay by the same logic, I don’t have kids, does this mean I shouldn’t pay for schools? I As I said not sure what point your making! Diseases from animal faeces are more likely to be contracted when animals crap in other people gardens, such as cats in a childs playarea. Cant recall my dog climbing over into my neighbours yard, taking a dump and then climbing back over. To summarise, dog owners should pick up after their dogs, majority do, small minority think its not their job and if caught they will be fined, however if cats crapping in other people gardens then this becomes the responsibility of the garden owner. Something stinks somewhere and its not just the cat shit!

  40. This page has given me a cathartic read! I knew I couldn’t be the only one.
    I have the same problem with shitty cats and their shitty owners. We have just renovated a property and the garden was overgrown. I spend hours in my garden making it a beautiful yet the more I work the more the cats use it as a shitting ground. What really annoys me is I look at the owners pathetic gardens and think if they can’t even look after a plot of land what hope is there they can look after a cat and train it to use a litter tray.
    One day in frustration I scooped a pile of cat shit, with my hoe, over the fence in the direction of the offending cat owners home. Later that day I noticed a dried scrap of cat shit stuck to the side of an innocent neighbours car! I am not a good shot so I have stopped flinging it now and have resorted to sonic repellents, jeyes fluid (strong smell and kills bacteria), sharp sticks and water pistols. I can’t say I’m winning though.
    Can we start one of those HM Government Petitions going? If this site has had 250,000 hits and if only 100,000 signed a petition to make it illegal for cat owners not to train and provide a litter tray for their pets who threaten the health of children and gardeners, then Parliament would have to debate it. Just a thought.

    1. I called Animal Control in my neighbor and found out that they’re not allowed to allow their cats, or any pets, to run around like that. Animal control told me to go to Lowe’s and buy a small animal trap and trap the cat, then call them to come pick the cat up. The first time they will take the cat back to the owner as a warning, but the next time they will take the cat away.

      1. There may be this law in America, since I know Lowe’s hardware is not in the UK, but, there is no such law out here yet and it’s a shame there is not such a law for all of us sane people who are going insane over this bs with filthy cats using our gardens as toilets, not the owners, no, no, they save it for all of us.

        We, like others, have tried everything under the sun to stop them from crapping… sonic deterrents, orange peel and other peels, cat statues, sprays, but, these little bastards are not swayed by anything.

        If you knew the amount of money we’ve spent on new lawns, barking chip, etc… to make our place look nice again, right after we got the front and back looking new and beautiful again, THEY STARTED AGAIN.

        All this money down the drain. We do NEED a law out here that makes sure owners are held responsible.

        1. Anyone interested in helped me formulate the wording to start a petition on the Houses of Parliament website for the compulsory microchipping of cats?

          1. I’m with you Mike, sorry, just saw this today, give me your email and I’ll get in touch if you’d still like to do this and hopefully we can get some type of law going to help all us sane people who hate this never ending BS.

            Something has to give, it’s Summer and the smell is horrific in our front garden. We even bought some toy snakes, heard they HATE snakes, to see if that will work as nothing else that we’ve tried seems to be working.

            I’ll check in here more often 🙂

  41. Hi

    I’m also stressed out with all the cat poo in my garden. There needs to be a law in place – I chose not to have pets as I didn’t want to clean up after them but I am now cleaning up after someone else’s.

    I have no love for cats and would be glad if there was a fine in place for the owners – why should we have to pay out for cat deterrents – the owners should pay.

  42. I had some Citronella pellets which cats detest the smell, unfortunately due to EU regulations they are now BANNED.( one good reason to vote to leave the EU.) I now throw orange peel on ground which helps. I have some small containers in which I put Citronella b-b-q oil in this helps. I also have a electronic cat scarer. Yet I found some shit today!! In the past I have put photographs of Tigers in garden on A4 printout.
    I have been told but have not tried it yet is to go to your local Zoo and get some Lion dung, my nearest zoo is 26 miles away

    1. We have two water spayers and two sonic devices in our garden and we still get cat shit
      I’ve tried lemon eucalyptus oil which hasn’t worked
      Just got 150 wooden skewers to put in the flower beds
      I absolutely hate cats and their idiotic selfish owners

  43. Hello am new to this. I live in a row of 3 bungalows council, and don’t mind having a rather nice back garden. Lately this young cat has decided to use our area mostly my patch of garden to shit in and is really, really making me mad!
    I find bits of CAT SHIT in 3 areas and was advised by the local council to shovel it up which should deter the cat as it is the same one, having actually caught it having a shit and chased it with a mop. I used to like cats but not now as this one just comes back through the day and shits on my area. I live in an estate and she could have chosen anywhere to shit but no, she does it and probably senses I get easily irritated by it. I have tried cat repellant stuff but doesn’t work for very long and cant always afford to do stuff to scare it away. Why should I waste money on this dumb cat? I think it comes looking for food, it does have a collar on but no name and goes away at night. I used to love dogs and cats but seriously, this cat shit is really disgusting and glad others feel the same way!! Hope you all can solve your issues. I pour water over where the cat has had a shit which works briefly and then it does it again..and again

  44. The legal situation is interesting for sure. Cats have the right in law to roam, owners aren’t liable for any damage or mess they cause, yet I can’t seem to get a clear answer on whether you’re liable for (to be clear) accidental injury of someone’s cat on your property.

    I’ve seen a cat in the process of sunny itself on my car. It then scratches the car coming off. Putting a car cover on just means the cat scratches that up. As insult to injury the general attitude is that others decide the value of my property (i.e. it’s just a car… don’t complain) and that cat owners generally take the attitude a car does what a cat does. It’s my property inside my property boundary and the cost of repairing deep paint scratches isn’t cheap. The cat is also an animal that the owner has introduced (it isn’t a natural species … like a bird poohing on the car) and allowed to roam (I don’t have a problem, with this, just the general blasé attitude to damage they cause).

    I’m in the process of building a high fence with (legal) plastic spikes on the top. So am I liable if a cat injuries itself on my property (bearing in mind I’m not trying/intending to harm them, just keep them from damaging my property)? It’s also in the cat’s interest not to be potentially milling about the car if I’m working on it. So do cat owners get it both ways.. no liability for damage from their roaming cats but others picks up the liability if the cat for the animal if finds its way into harm (obviously not including any intended harm)?

  45. The legal situation is interesting for sure. Cats have the right in law to roam, owners aren’t liable for any damage or mess they cause, yet I can’t seem to get a clear answer on whether you’re liable for (to be clear) accidental injury of someone’s cat on your property.

    I’ve seen a cat in the process of sunny itself on my car. It then scratches the car coming off. Putting a car cover on just means the cat scratches that up. As insult to injury the general attitude is that others decide the value of my property (i.e. it’s just a car… don’t complain) and that cat owners generally take the attitude a cat does what a cat does. It’s my property inside my property boundary and the cost of repairing deep paint scratches isn’t cheap. The cat is also an animal that the owner has introduced (it isn’t a natural species … like a bird poohing on the car) and allowed to roam (I don’t have a problem, with this, just the general blasé attitude to damage they cause).

    I’m in the process of building a high fence with (legal) plastic spikes on the top. So am I liable if a cat injuries itself on my property (bearing in mind I’m not trying/intending to harm them, just keep them from damaging my property)? It’s also in the cat’s interest not to be potentially milling about the car if I’m working on it. So do cat owners get it both ways.. no liability for damage from their roaming cats but others picks up the liability if the cat for the animal if finds its way into harm (obviously not including any intended harm)?

  46. After my husband having to pick up piles of cat **** from across the cul de sac, my grandson stepping in it, spending £’ssss on repellent’s and sonar devices, actually seeing her 2 cats fouling my lovely garden for days on end, and my next door neighbour saying they had sprayed against her front door, I had had enough and put a l etter through her letterbox explaining my husband and I and our neighbour had had enough of the stinking mess her cats were leaving. She knew if they were let out they were going to **** somewhere.
    I was dumfounded when at 11-30 at night the police arrived, woke my neighbour and I up to say her across the road had made a complaint about the letter, what has it got to do with the police. Its sheer lunacy. If I had a dog and allowed it to go **** all over her garden, she could have me prosecuted. I am so so fed up with it, we have just gone and bought a new gate her cats cant get through and plastic spikes to put along the top of the fence, I really have tried everything else..Its really getting me down and we love our garden,,

    1. Complain to the IPCC; this is misuse of the police and constitutes harassment. The police shouldn’t be allowing themselves to be used like this.
      My friendly neighbourhood cat who’s scratched up the previously waterproof car cover, got a bucket of water over him this morning as he relaxed over his handy work of scratched up car cover and paint scratched through to metal.

  47. My offer to start a petition on the Houses of Parliament website for the compulsory microchipping of cats has received no responses at all so far.

    I could be forgiven for thinking that many people just like to complain about cat shit rather than attack the root cause, i.e. that cat owners have no responsibilities about the anti-social behaviour of their “pets”.

    What is needed is a cultural shift in the way that cats are perceived. In the same way that dog shit has been successfully tackled in recent decades. It is no longer acceptable to let a dog shit in public spaces without cleaning it up. This happened because of a number of initiatives introduced through legislation and local authority policies.

    A law to introduce compulsory microchipping would put the onus on cat owners to start taking responsibility for their shit machines. This could be the beginning of a cultural shift in the way that cats are perceived and treated within society at large.

    Is anyone interested in trying to find a solution to cat shit, or are we all just going to keep complaining about it?

    1. Yes a petition is a good idea! There needs to be reform for everyone’s good. I think the arguments have been covered here. Also giving those who end up having problems with other people’s cat some sensible form of a way to address the issues. This instead of just getting ‘cats will be cats’ get lost response, might reduce the unfortunate cases of people taking things into their own hands and taking things too far.

    2. Hi mike
      I would definitely sign a petition, although I don’t know loads of people to forward one on to.
      I think microchipping cats would be a great idea. I also think that there should be rules about the number of cats people can own.

      1. Hello this will help guaranteed, contact the council tell them your human rights have been breached. Refer to human rights act 1990 section 8 and 14 explain the information contained in the act to them. They cannot fob you off with excuses about the law states bla bla bla. They are definitely cornered with this one, no escape. They must act on your behalf by sending a senior council member that deals with problems like pollution to visit the cat owner. That person will inform the cat owner of the problem his or her cat is causing. If it continues the cat will be removed from the property. To put things simple the cat is the owners property, his or her property is causing pollution on your property. That is breaching your Human rights. Go for it good luck.

  48. Hello Mike
    I agree that there should be a law to introduce compulsory microchipping to put the onus on cat owners to start taking responsibility for their cat’s faeces. I think this system is very unfair to people who doesn’t own cats, and are faced with the fact that they have to clean their neighbour’s cat faeces on their own personal property. Where I live, I’m surrounded by at least 10 cats, within a few meters of my house, one neighbour has 4 cats, and 3 of the others have 2 cats each. I can see 1 of the neighbour’s everyday letting her 2 cats out in the morning and the cat’s just do their business anywhere apart from their own property. Some neighbours lets their cats out at night, they just jump into the garden and just do their business. The owner doesn’t care. I have had to chase the cats several times. The cat owners do not care, they say “oh they are cats that’s what they do” This has caused me very stressed and makes me mentally ill. I am so fed up of having the neighbour’s cats in my garden. It’s the most disgusting thing to clean when one doesn’t even own a pet, especially it can make you vomit when you come back and find maggots in it. I did everything from pepper spray, green bottles, to buying expensive cat repellents, but nothing works in the long term. I wish I could curse the cats and the cat owners. I really hope there will be a solution to this cat poop.
    I wish there were a law if someone owes a cat, they have to make sure they keep their cat within their boundary, and be a responsible owner. It should not be the responsibility of the neighbour who doesn’t have cat to clean after other disgraced owners cats, or spend a fortune on cat deterrents and their hands covered in cat poop while they are gardening.
    I have been searching on the internet and have found some info which can help formulate the wording to start a petition on the Houses of Parliament. I hope this will help if not good luck with the petition.
    Some Diseases caused by cat faeces
    Toxoplasma gondii, can get into the food chain via cats faeces causing contamination of soil, water and plants.
    Toxoplasmosis – the disease in humans – can cause serious complications in people with weakened immune systems, such as those with HIV and cancer.
    And in pregnant women it can result in the baby being born blind or with brain damage. Congenital infection is of greatest concern in humans; especially in pregnant women who contract toxoplasmosis for the first time while they are pregnant. They may show no symptoms themselves, but the foetus may suffer birth defects including blindness and brain damage
    Yersiniosis is another bacterial disease that can be affected by cats
    Cat Scratch Disease (called Cat Scratch Fever in the UK) is caused by the bacteria Bartonella henselae. The bacteria is carried by cat fleas
    Helicobacter pylori is also found in cats. This organism causes gastric ulcers in human
    Cats can also carry cryptosporidium which causes watery diarrhoea in both cats and humans, and may cause gastroenteritis, cramps and fever in humans. Cryptosporidium is hard to treat.

    1. How will micro chipping help?
      My neighbour’s cats were micro chipped. They still came to my property to make the mess. The cat lady & her husband asked me to prove it to them that it was their cat by saying ‘did you see it pooing, take a photo next time’. They were quite abusive, threatened to report me to the rental agency I was renting from. However she became afraid when I threatened to harm the cat the next time I found her on my property, sent her husband to threaten me. My woes ended when they moved to the country few months ago

  49. Hi there, thank you for writing this post. I think this is rising issue and the owners must be held responsible for their pets waste.
    I found a petition – Make cat owners responsible for their cats fouling on private property – which is still active:
    Hopefully a lot of people will see it and sign it.

  50. Thanks. I’ve signed too. Is there other ways many more people can be aware of this site link? I’m sure many people don’t even know if there is a site and if they can sign the petition. Is there any way leaflets or any other means people can be more aware of the problems cats and their faeces causes?

  51. Hello, thank you. I have asked a friend of mine to put it on twitter and the friend has put the link. The petition has only got 75 signatures so far up to date, it still a long way to go till 10, 000. I really hope it gets there, as I am so fed up with ignorant and irresponsible neighbours’ cats in my garden and my veg’s area all ruined. The cats even urinate on the lawn, it stinks, so one can not even lie on the grass!!

  52. Have you tried to get a petition started by 38Degrees group they seem to get a lot of stuff and petitions through.
    I constantly get emails from them to sign to support this that and the other.
    they do blanket email all people who have previously signed any petition so they will email hundreds and hundreds of people.

  53. I am sick of cat shit in my garden. I have some tips for people who have to cope with cat shit. If you catch a cat in your garden do not go ballistic and chase it off or get a hose pipe. Stand there and stare at the cat and think of skinning it alive or think of Chinese food with cat meat on the end of a chopstick … Think of the hate you have for the disgusting thing and it will get a clear message that its unwanted and if it walks away do not end the stare as it’s likely to turn around to stare back as your challenging that cat and if it doesn’t move walk slowly towards it and do not end the stare … It can get the message that it’s unwanted in that garden and it does work.
    Another way to get rid of this disgusting animal is to put lilies in the garden as lilies and cats do not mix … The pollen of the lily flower is toxic to a cat as once they brush against the lily then they get the pollen on their fur and then when they lick their fur they are licking the pollen and this can cause renal failure in the furry bastards and it’s not your fault if the cat has brushed against the lilies in your garden as its the stupid cat’s fault for going in your garden.

  54. Found this page whilst looking for ideas to get rid of cats from my garden. Every day there are at least 3 fresh poops that stink and attract flies. The stuff is disgusting. Repellant doesn’t help. I’ve covered by flower beds in orange juice and put the rinds just under the soil. Hoping this keeps the bastards out.

  55. Hi Mike,
    The Petition at the UK Government and Parliament has only got 167 signature so far, it is unlikely it will progress much, I wonder maybe you could get a petition started by 38Degrees group? I will very much appreciate as I do not have my own internet access and I am really really fed up with cat mess on my property, and have tried so much to keep my front and back garden cat mess free, with 10 neighbours cats, its impossible, and I cannot do it anymore, I have lost hope.
    There should be a law if a person owes a cat its the sole responsibility of the cat owner to look after it and cleans it mess, and keep them into there own property, cats should only be allowed into their own private homes and gardens. They should not be allowed into other peoples property. Considering they (the cats) can cause soil contamination and diseases and they are causing so much inconvenience and stress to other people, Why is it allowed to roam freely? After all they are domesticated? If there can be restrictions on dogs, why cant there be on cats? Why can’t I enjoy my garden? Why do I have to put up with all the stinking smell. This is so unfair. Why do I have to clean after other peoples cat mess? If someone else go and poo everyday in the cat’s owners property, they wont like it. So why do they let there cat go and poo into other peoples property?
    I wonder if the government will ever do anything? Are they waiting for someone or a child to be contaminated by cat poo and or have a devastating effect?

  56. I too hate cat shit in my garden and can’t believe there are no rights for people who’s garden’s it is that the cats shit all over. My neighbours too have several cat’s each and as far as they are concerned their cats only crap in their gardens……….well its funny that because nearly every weekend I am having to clean, up to 15 piles of shit just from my front garden.
    In the summer all you want to do is open your windows and let the fresh summer air in the house but I daren’t as all you get is the stink. Every morning when I leave to go to work I open the front door and am confronted by the smell.
    I have lived in this house for 13 years now and am sick to death of it. When my children were young they would shit all over their toys and the sand pit, well god forbid if we forgot to cover it. Why should children be put at risk because people are happy to let their cats shit all over other people’s homes.
    I have spent a small fortune on deterrents but still they come. The spikes that you can buy to put along fence panels I have to say have helped but not completely rid us of the problem. People say get your own cat or get a dog but i don’t want one. If I wanted to clean up shit I would have my own cat or dog but i don’t. I also don’t see why the government and council’s make dog owners responsible but not cat owners. It’s wrong.
    I hate cats as far as I’m concerned they are vermin.

  57. I have just caught my neighbours cat leaving its mess in my garden , I’ve never caught it before and wasn’t sure if it was a dog , I don’t get on with my neighbour and I was so livid to see it was her cat I have bagged it up and put it in her garden, and I will keep doing it till either the cat meets its maker or she reports me! Utterly disgusting . The law needs changing faeces is faeces regardless of where it comes from!!!

  58. Cat owners tend to want it both ways with their free-roaming animals over other people’s property.. they don’t pick up the cost for damage or mess their pets make yet they want the same ‘other people’ to be extra vigilant towards their pets, even be liable for any harm they come to. The owners wouldn’t even believe their sweet like kitty’s would ever be a problem at all.
    The problem is a minority will get so driven so mad by the problem they will resort to inhumane methods as a desperate last resort; taking things way off the scale. It’s a shame there’s isn’t a sensible middle ground where cat owners take even some responsibility.

  59. You have my support, having the same cat problem with cats using my front garden as a toilet, I have now stopped lifting the crap and it can just pile up, the cats can sit on top of other crap to crap over. I don’t own a cat myself. I have tried to get my local newspaper to do a story, but they don’t want to know, the same with my MP. Yes cat owners do need a deterrent as they are to blame. I have regularly bought cat repellent, but why the heck should we waste money when it is not problem. Cats are definitely not pets to owners when they are let out to roam in other peoples property and carp, their owners just don’t care.

  60. I’ve just spent the past 2 hours removing shit from my front garden thanks to my dole bluging cat hoarding neighbours. Now about to start in the back. I used to enjoy gardening. Now I just dread it. What amazes me is that our local authority is happy to house people with 10 cats. If you afford that many cats why do you need housing benefit…. The laws need changing.

  61. So glad I found this site, my anger and frustration of returning home to find my 5yr old who has been playing in OUR garden, stood in cat shit and walked it through the house has some what diminished. Seems we are all at the mercy of our neighbours wee bastard felines! Like everyone else here if I wanted to pick up pet shite I would get my own, just wondered how I stood returning the unwanted gifts through letter boxes of those responsible…maybe then they’d take notice…..off to clean my floors aaaaggggghhhhhhh.

    1. I’ve given up on devices to stop cats shitting all over the lawn, our drive, even on top of our wheelie bin.
      However they have now started pissing against our back door which opens into the kitchen. Does anyone know if ways to stop cats pissing on things. It absolutely stinks and it’s making our lives miserable.

  62. We were totally fed up with cat shit in the garden after new neighbour arrived with 4 cats. Fed up with dead birds left on the lawn, slaughtered frogs from the pond, fed up being unable to feed the birds in case I was luring them to their death. So after having tried lots of different solutions at great expense, I finally bought a 20 quid water squirter repellant from amazon. Set it up, attached it to a hose, and know what? It actually works. An Infra red sensor sets off a powerful water jet spray that has them running for cover. Works in the dark too. You don’t need an expensive option, the 20 quid job will do the trick. Bought one for my dad and he’s been cat free for the last few weeks too.

    1. I have tried the water spraying devices and the things that make a high pitched noise. Unfortunately none of them work for more than a few months and I can’t afford to keep replacing them.
      I hope you have a bit more luck with yours.

  63. Redo the government petition, but this time send details of it through social media. You will easily get the required number of signatures, you just need to market it more effectively.

  64. Enquire at any zoo or wildlife park for lion or tiger shit. They probably already sell it. The trick to stopping cats shitting in your garden is to convince them that a bigger cat already lives there.

  65. Try pelleted chicken manure.. keeps my cat off my seedbeds.. but I do keep another bed dug and clean as an outdoor litter tray. Plastic mesh works as well. And a squeezy bottle is kept handy for the local Tom… nice wide opening has a good range!
    Don’t bother with Jeyes fluid.. mine loves to roll in the stuff.

    1. DO NOT USE JEYES FLUID. It is extremely toxic to cats and they absorb it through their skin (on their feet). Knowingly using this substance could lay you open to charges of knowing cruelty to an animal.

      1. Yes, it is toxic but only in concentration. Well diluted and rinsed off it is perfectly safe to pets and wildlife. I use it mainly to scrub out the birdbath to keep it clean and safe. Well rinsed out as she paddles and drinks from it… much safer than when the pigeons have been pooping in it! My point is that cats are attracted to it and you do need to be careful but not unduly worried.

  66. I believe safest is wisest. Avoid any product that goes cloudy when water is added. That way you cat is certain to be safe. If your experience shows otherwise, then go with your experience. If you’re not sure, better safe than sorry.

  67. I have just found out an old fashioned remedy from a work coleages grandmother. She swears by carbolic soap, she grates it and puts it on her flower beds and says she gets no cat issues. Only one way to find out if this works I’ll try it myself. Let you know what happens.

  68. My mum is in the same boat. She has a neighbour who is quite frankly nuts. This woman has effectively stolen two cats as she wouldn’t return them to their owners and she puts food outside, thus inviting every cat in the area to pop round for an all you can eat buffet.

    My mum’s garden is absolutely covered in piles of cat shit. They’ve even shit on the doorstep. That was the point that my mum went nuts and told the woman that she better get it cleaned up. The neighbour reported my mum to the council and my mum got a warning from the ASBO team and told not to go to the neighbour’s door again!!!!!

    This neighbour doesn’t ever take these cats to the vet, doesn’t vaccinate, deflea or worm them so any parasites they have will be getting left behind as well. We can’t let the dog out in the garden as he’s had umpteen gastric upsets and letting the kids out is a complete no-go.

    Now I do understand that there are a lot of cat owners out there that do the responsible thing and litter tray train their cats, but even they must agree that these ignorant cat owners are a blight on society.

    My mum’s neighbour actually stopped one of the cats she aquired using a litter tray!! His owners had litter trained him but she wasn’t having one of these dirty unhygenic things in her house, so she retrained the cat to go outside – by emptying the bloody litter tray in the garden next to the path!!

    I would definitely share the hell out of any petition that was put together. It would have to be well worded and not unreasonable – if you don’t litter tray train your cat, then you should be responsible for clearing up after them. Nobody is asking for the annihilation of every cat in the country – just for owners to take a bit of responsibility.

  69. You bunch of moaning bastards!!! There are far worst things going on in this world than your fucking moans about cats and shit…Get a grip!!!! Waste of time

  70. I have just moved into my house in a quiet cul de sac, my front lawn and back lawn are covered in cat shit, brown and putrid. I refuse to clean it up.
    The family pet rule has always been if it can survive a sack some bricks and a river it can be a pet. I have a goldfish. I also got worn down and have 2 rabbits fattening up in the garden for a nice stew shhhh dont tell the kids nom nom.

    I have heard cucumbers have an adverse affect on cats ????? yet to try. I have 8 cats shitting on my front lawn and 7 on my back.

    I dream about running the little bastards over and lining them up in the middle of the turning circle or purchasing a BB gun and shooting them up the arse when I catch them shitting in my garden, fucking common law dictates am unable.
    Now under EU law the little see you next tuesdays shitting on your lawn are a nuisance and are causing you undue stress and harm and the right to a peaceful life is paramount, mention this to those council geeks and they have to act.
    I have just started pissing on them in the night, they hate it. cant do it the day, school across the road.

    1. Haha excellent! Maybe if you throw the cucumbers at them it would work! Lol. My hubby has actually said he would piss in a Supersoaker water gun, leave it in the sun for a few days till it really stinks then soak the neighbours bastard cats, one of which I’ve just witnessed kill one of the little birds I welcome to my garden while we were sat having dinner!!! I ran at it like a screaming banshee! Shouting “Bastard Cats” in the hope said neighbours would hear! But I actually think they are away on holiday! So hope when they get back their pissed soaked little darlings will be there to greet them for a nice cuddle!

  71. Cats shit in my vegetable garden and pass on nasty viruses. I am going to try plastic forks and wooden skewers, but I am just saying that I hate these cats. They are nasty and they trespass on my property.

  72. Two words “defensive shrubbery” that will sort the little shits out and technically you aint breaking the law. The pricklier the more affective! I also think you should be allowed to remove the shit from your garden and dump it in the owners garden for them to deal with!

  73. I have been driven crazy by cat shit now for over three years and regularly come home from work to clean up three or four sets of droppings from a very large cat who lives two doors up – it’s disgusting!!!!!! It began when a neighbour near me started throwing out food waste and even though I finally managed to get her to stop the cat is now in the habit of using my front lawn. He also used to use my back lawn but fence spikes were successful there. In the front I’ve tried everything – get off granules, gels and sprays, lemon, cayenne pepper etc. etc. but nothing works. I’m totally weary of it. This cat is the size of a small dog and I really wish there was a law against it that would put the onus on owners to be responsible for their pets. Cat owners just don’t give a damn.

    1. Just remember, that in UK law a cat’s owner is not responsible for its actions and that you can be prosecuted if you do anything to harm the cat. The best way to deal with this is to leave evidence that a bigger cat lives there – you get lion (or tiger) poo at your local zoo. Cats generally don’t care for the competition.

      1. I think we all generally know what the UK law is, and no one is intending to harm cats. The issue is that owners should be made responsible but they are all in denial! Everyone I speak to all say their cats don’t poo in others gardens well that’s just bull! And I for one am sick of it! Nearly 15 years I have been putting up with the neighbours cats shitting all over my garden. my direct neighbours have at least 5 between them They have ruined turf, my kids toys as they were growing up, I have had it trodden all over the house and I can’t open my windows and enjoy summer without first having to clean up after my neighbours pets, the list is endless! Why! Laws were made for dog owners because otherwise it costs councils money to clean up but they won’t put the same in place for cats as they don’t have to deal with it. I have spent hundreds of pounds on deterrents and more on replacing items destroyed by cat shit. And to be honest I don’t want lions poo in my garden either I don’t have pets because I don’t want to clean up shit or smell it. I HATE CATS BECAUSE OF IT I WOULDNT HURT THEM AS I AM NOT CRUEL BUT OWNERS SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE. Anyone who doesn’t understand the frustrations we have haven’t been through this hell.

        1. Well, Pamela, if you don’t like the way the law is, get it changed. After all, the British public can achieve anything it want to.

  74. I hate cat poo, it has destroyed my new turf,, My kids have stood in it so many times and brought in-house,, the smell is the worst,, I’ve been to neighbours door to complain,, I told him if he don’t get it stopped I’m going to do something about it myself. and we did. we bought a giant dog,,, malamute huskie,,, he is big and scary,,, the cats are scared off him so they don’t come near my garden now,,

  75. I’m that sick of the multiple land mines left by these shiting machines in my garden, that I am seriously considering venturing round to the middle of the cat owning neighbours garden, digging it up and dropping one of my own for them to contend with. FURIOUS.

  76. I spent 5 hours yesterday clearing up cat shit from my front garden and covering the area in chicken wire as I had read that this works. This morning the neighbours cat has done a massive shit on top of the chicken wire. Plus our back garden stinks where the neighbours don’t clear up the shit from their garden. They have 10 cats.
    We have tried everything, water and sound deterrents, sprays, wooden skewers, etc
    Cat owners are so unbelievably selfish. If dog owners left their animals to run wild and shit all over other peoples property there would be uproar. Cat owners claim that running wild is in a cats nature. If that’s true then they don’t need owners. Or we should be free to deal with them in the same way as you would with a rat infestation. I wish I lived in a country where people were more highly valued than cats. Instead we are forced to put up with cat owners antisocial behaviour

  77. oh dear! oh dear! I thought I was paranoid that I hated cats so much but I really feel that I dislike their owners even more. They let their cats piss and shit everywhere and don’t give a damn if you have children playing in your garden and might tread or fall in their cat faeces. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dog but cat owners never ???? Cats are a plague, they are destroying our bird population and their owners say…ah! my cat brought home a bird yesterday and laugh (I have experienced this). Do these people realize that our bird population is going into decline and a lot of this is due to the blasted cat. HELP! I have cat poo everywhere……how can I stop this.

      1. I’ve just spent the afternoon putting spikes along our back fence and gate as the cats sit there and torment the birds. Cleared up 5 piles of shit today after finding 4 lots yesterday. Covered all of our flower beds in chicken wire. Previously spent a fortune on various sonic and water devices as well as sprays and oils etc.
        I hate our neighbours and their vermin cats with a passion. They are council tenants, and although we have complained the council clearly don’t care about the fact that we have to clear up after the cats or the damage their tenants animals have done to our property. We recently spent 3 grand on a fence which is covered in deep scratch marks. They stinking bastards also keep pissing by our kitchen door. I’m so fed up but there is absolutely nothing we can do.

  78. cat is danger to public health. people must be more aware, and do something about them. our garden is littered by cat, and it is unpleasant, dirty and we cannot comfortably go out to the garden because of their litter.

  79. Pleas read the following from Scientific American on cats; It is just as relevant to the UK.
    Cats are one of the few creatures that torment their victims and kill just for fun. Their fundamental nature is as obnoxious as their shit; VILE.
    Women in particular are beguiled by their pretty appearance; superficiality rules, as it des in wider society (celebrities) Do you not hate what is evil? You should!
    I spend hours looking after wildlife; I do not eat meat, and even though i live on a minimal income (£50 over what is deemed to be the required income) i still spend nearly £200 on bird food and replacement nest boxes, as well as looking after hedgehogs. Do not be fooled by appearances.

    1. Not all women are taken in by their ‘cute’ appearance. I think they are vile creatures that were only put on the planet to vomit and shit all over people’s property. However I do agree that it is a problem suffered from by more women than men. You never really hear about mad cat men hoarding large numbers of cats. All cat owners are lazy though, expecting others to clean up their mess. I also spend a lot of time and money on bird food/ boxes etc. We have to be really careful that everything is out of reach of the cats. I’d like to be able to put a hedgehog house in our garden but due to the high number of cats the woman next door to us has I doubt it will ever be an option. I can’t understand how in a so called civilized society it is deemed as acceptable for people to allow their pets to run riot. Cat owners try to claim that it’s in the cats nature to roam/ are wild. I’m sure that the same argument could be made by people who own boa constrictors.

  80. You are 100% correct. It’s absolute bullshit (or is it catshit?) that cat owners are allowed to have their “pets” crap all over others’ property. They are NOT wild animals.

    And I am in complete agreement that said crap should be gathered and returned to its rightful owner.

  81. Completely agree! I’m a dog lover all the way! Cats are nothing but disobedient, demanding, annoying, dirty, pick up parasites from the dead birds they dump in your garden! I’m actually a pet portrait artist but It feels so good to finally say, I’m NO fan of cats! It was my recent horrible experience with a cat that lead me to this page in the first place! Glad I found others who actually agree. Felt like I was the only one.

  82. Completely hate the f****rs. I empathise.

    Cats belong on farms. Owners should not include single, crazy women.

    In the wet weather, the shit sticks to the grass so it never removes completely when we shovel it away. I feel so yucky after cleaning it on an almost daily basis.

    The cat neighbor lover was confronted with CCTV footage of her disgusting moggie fouling my garden. Apology? Offer to clean it? No. Instead, she said I wan’t to contact her again as it wasn’t her cat! It was! She cleaned it under duress. I hate that cat and I hate her alcoholic owner even more!

    I now don’t contact her about her cat poo. I just wait for dusk and fling it back into her garden, hoping it smears her washing hung on the line or stains her windows.

    I have tried killing the cat using chemical but so far unsuccessful. Anyone tell me how to succeed?

    I heard someone enticed one into a sack once, added a few bricks and visited a nearby a river. I can’t do this because it visits when we’re all asleep.

    Absolutely disgusting animal. Hope it gets run over or meets some other lethal fate.

    I add, our home is en route for dog walkers who have never fouled our property.

  83. Think this is a website whereby posters can say the word shit, without it being deleted or edited and gives people a feeling of being a bit naughty… Anyway I recently moved to a property in February with 9 cats… there are also several others in the neighbourhood free roaming….. Now we’re in the month of October, so we’ve been here a few months now to date no problems…. the first 2 weeks we were here, the immediate next door neighbour asked if he could purchase part of my land so he could build a bungalow, I said no. A week ago the same neighbour said that the branches from 4 trees were overhanging into his garden and he would be cutting them back and would deposit the branches back into my garden being that they were my property and he didn’t want the expense of disposing of them (be patient I’ll get back to the topic of shit shortly) what he actually did was cut the 4 trees in half, so they can no longer grow! And fly tipped all the trees on my lawn expecting me to pay for the disposal…. I can hear you all asking the same question.. Why? Well so he could grow some raspberry’s and get sunlight into his greenhouse….. I’ve spent today tossing these trees back into his garden, which he has taken exception to.. So we then end up getting into an argument….. And out it comes, your cats are shitting in my garden, no mention of it in all these months…. why haven’t you mentioned it before I asked him and his wife…. well apparently I’m unapproachable! Not sure how they’ve come to that conclusion considering they haven’t spoken to me other than in regards to the purchase of my land and the trimming of a few branches…. Then my neighbour starts using threatening words towards me and telling me to go back to where I’ve come from….. ( very neighbourly) when i mentioned about all the other cats in the locality, nope they’ve never seen them even though they’ve lived here all their lives….. so all is sometimes not quite what it seems in regards to cat shit, sometimes it isn’t a problem, but is used as a problem so to allow a neighbour to try and become the local hardnut… My life here is now stuffed as far as neighbours are concerned….Am I bothered? Nah…

    1. I am sorry but if you move into a property with nine cats and don’t consider that they will be crapping all over your neighbours garden you must be quite ignorant. To me you sound like a typical cat owner who thinks their cat’s never shit in other people’s gardens. If only all cat owners could be like the girl who is working to stop her cats crapping on her neighbours garden. How refreshing considerate and most of all responsible if they were, people wouldn’t have to join these forums.

    2. When you say 9 cats, do you mean you own them?

      You sound like a neighbour from hell with your overhanging trees and cat poo emanating from not 1 cat, but 9 cats! (9 cats? Have you been checked out by a psychiatrist?).

      You need to be responsible for cutting your own trees back, disposing of them yourself at your own cost and not allowing cats to poo in neighbours garden. To throw the branches back in your neighbour’s garden is spiteful and guaranteed to sour relations.

      I would do exactly as your neighbour did and throw your branches back into your garden, not to mention flinging the cat poo back. Thank god we’re not living next door to each other!

    3. Wow Barney. 9 cats? where do these animals crap?
      YOU sound like a complete a hole.
      Count yourself lucky you are not my neighbour because you would have a WAR on your hands!

  84. Cats ard classed as property, property has an owner. So i will infirm the council and the owner that you wish to make a formal complaint under article 8 of the Human Rights Act, which covers your right to respect for private and family life from your local authority.
    Should they issue a rebuttal saying the cat owner’s rights are also protected under article 8, you then tell them they are now in breach of the Human Rights Act Article 14 because you are being discriminated against. They are putting the cat owners right to Article 8 above your right to Article 8.

    It won’t stop the cats from fouling, but someone from the council may go have a stern word with the owner.
    Safe this one as a last resort.

  85. I hate the cat poo i am in the start of picking it up with a spade and then throwing it in the cats owners drive so thay can pick it up

  86. Hello i am sick of pucking cat poo up standing in it when it on my drive that i have not seen then end up on my floor in my house so i got 2 cleen my drive cleen my boots and my floor but had enouth picking it up with a spade and thowing it in the cat owners drive her 7 cat she can clean up after then

  87. Here is my 2 cents worth. As I have the same problem. I have several cat’s and dogs just taking a shit in my garden. I’ve tried the neighbour approach but that doesn’t work. They won’t accept their pets do that. Even with photographic evidence. Putting down bottles of water so they see their reflections and tea bags and all that other crap doesn’t work. That’s just old wife’s tales. There should be a law that allowed you to exterminate these pests. And to all pet owners. Before you have a go at me. I also have a dog so I like them.. But I can’t let my young children play in their own garden. The cat’s spray everywhere and it’s horrible .the smell is rancid. Please for the love of god will someone please tell me I can shoot these strays.

  88. What really annoys me about cat owners is they get a cat then proceed to let it out early morning until night where It’s free to roam about and pester other folks and shit all over their gardens one tip is collect the shit and post through cat owners letterbox if they love the shitting machines so much let them clean it up !

  89. Hi Mike, you sound a lot like my Dad! And as a cat owner with two cats, I’ve heard it all. I agree with you, however, cat owners should take more responsibility for where their cats go to the loo. I love gardening so, in order to solve this problem with my own cats I’ve placed 3 litter trays outside and I clean them out daily. Cat are very clean animals and they do prefer somewhere clean to do their business. As soon as my two go out they go straight to their trays (they have trays indoors as well but seem to prefer the ones outdoors) and I see them coming back and forth to use their own trays several times a day. I don’t have problems with other cats in my garden seeing as my big Tom cat keeps them out himself. My Dad, like yourself however, has tried everything to keep cats out of his garden and, like yourself, nothing worked UNTIL I told him to use T-tree oil placed in olive oil and sunk in jars around the fence. As an Aromatherapist I noticed that both of my cats started gagging at the smell of it (which was pretty funny actually), and then quickly made their escape from the room. It may sound like an awful lot of hassle, and my dad couldn’t really be bothered with the whole idea to begin with but, when enough was enough, he did it and has had no more trouble with cats. Either that or just keep wiping your fence down with the neat T-Tree oil which you can buy in bulk from Amazon and a little goes a long way. My Dads other idea was to buy a Jack Russel that HATED cats but he doesn’t really like dogs either so that wasn’t an option but, it might be for you?

    1. Susan, Unlike your dad I like dogs and now have a cat chasing dog to keep the little buggers out of my garden. I also have electronic cat scarer’s in places where I know the little buggers come in to the garden which do work.

  90. I’m entirely in agreement with the sentiment against irresponsible cat owners, not responsible cat owners. must make a government take responsibility if only on the grounds of discrimination against all other pet owners.

  91. Our neighbour’s cat has recently taken to using our shingle drive as it’s personal litter box, but only in one particular place, DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF OUR FRONT DOOR. Being shingle, it’s not immediately noticeable unless you’re specifically looking for it.
    My son brought it into the house the first time and knowing what he is like, at the age of 14, I had a go at him thinking it was dog shit he’d step in on the way home from school. You can imagine my embarrassment and how I humbly and ashamedly had to apologise to him when I myself did practically the same thing he did a few days later! Unfortunately, he brought in enough that we had to replace the front door mat. Fortunately for me, I didn’t get as much on the new mat when I did it and was able to get it off, but it still clogged up the soles of our shoes and it still got into the house and it made me late for work when I had to do the clean up after my son doing it!
    There is a line to be drawn, cat shit is f*****g dangerous, I don’t want to be getting it in the house. I don’t want it on or in my property at all!
    I tried coffee grounds today, it just shat on them! And, no, I’m not paying out for a new paved drive. I shouldn’t have to and it wouldn’t work anyway as my mum has a paved drive and they did it on that and her front doorstep! I really like the idea of the motion detecting water sprayer as we successfully ‘trained’ the other neighbour’s cats, with the hose, to scarper when they hear the kitchen window or back door being opened, but, obviously, we can’t have one of those spraying family/friends/the postman when they come to the front door! And that neighbour’s cats do still make themselves at home in our garden! Tried a sonic repeller years ago with an old neighbour’s cat, truly crap they do not work at all and if the cat is deaf, which some can be, totally pointless.
    Managed to catch the little shit machine yesterday and just missed getting a jug of water over it, but, fortunately, scared it before it could relieve itself, so, I definitely know it’s the neighbours on the other side’s cat.
    It’s only started recently and that’s the fourth time now and I’ve read they are creatures of habit! My wife found the third one after my son and I ‘discovered’ the first two, she shovelled it up and put it in the back corner of our garden (where else could she put it?). I ‘returned’ today’s one as no one was in next door and, no, I did not just ‘throw’ it over the fence (regards to getting rid of it, how do we, the people who specifically don’t have a pet because we don’t want to pick up shit, get rid of someone else’s pet’s shit? Especially if WE can get done for it as a health hazard! This is just so wrong!).
    My wife is, now, having to scan the drive using the flash/torch on her phone to get to the front door when she gets home from work. I mean, is that right? I can only hope and pray my son is ‘scanning’ too, but should my family and I really have to scan the drive to get to our own front door?
    And, no, I’m also not paying for ‘stepping stones’ as a massive reason for the shingle drive is security. It’s a bungalow and our bedroom is at the front, the shingles give signal of movement, even of the bloody cats and occasional fox. And, no, it is not fox shit!
    And for all those cat owners who let their cats wander free and are adamant their darling cats only shit in their litter tray I have a little something for you. The other neighbour once remarked on how good her cats are, coming in, using the litter tray and then going out again, and even my wife used to say, ‘oh, just leave them alone’ when I would hose them. But my wife soon changed her tune when both she and I watched as one of that neighbour’s cats perched itself on the side of the garden box that my wife was growing herbs, vegetables, strawberries and other such FOOD we planned on eating, squaring up to take a shit in it! We found several in there after that and wondered just how long it had been using it as a litter tray. Needless to say, time, effort and food wasted and, fortunately, we had not eaten any of what she had grown!
    And, as others have said, why should we have to pay out for all these different methods to deter and protect our properties from other people’s pets? Wildlife, sure, if I need to protect from wildlife I accept that, it’s WILDLIFE after all, but these cats are pets. Pets that someone else made the decision to have. Pets that someone else paid for, that they pay for their upkeep with food and a home, that they pay vet bills for and so on and so on. As such, they have a responsibility to ensure it does not leave highly dangerous, smelly, disgusting faecal deposits on other people’s property and that it doesn’t destroy or damage other people’s property. ‘But they’re allowed to free roam’ I hear the many cat owners cry, well, so am I.
    I am free to roam to your house, but if I dropped my jeans and pants and shit outside your front door and then f****d off without a care in the world leaving you to deal with it on a regular basis…?!?! Same thing, VERY different story! And it’s the same thing and story if a dog owner let their dog it.

  92. We have a block paved drive and the neighbours cats just s**t on that or if we are extra lucky they relieve themselves on the wheelie bin or the door mat. None of the deterants you can buy have worked. We invested in a dog which has reduced the amount of s**t in the back garden

  93. It’s been a couple of years since I wrote about my neighbour getting a soaking from my cat squirter, he and his cat are long gone but other neighbours are keeping up the remorseless shit fest. Hoping to upset the stupid cat owners reading this column, I am sure that if you run over a dog, you have to report it. Kill a cat with your front tyres and you just keep on driving. I do subscribe to hurling the shit over the fence, I would hurl the fucking cats but they are protected by law. Now these laws are weird, a cat is considered to be a wild animal, free to roam. They are not protected or an endangered species, but due to people who are to far up their own arses to make real friend, they buy a cat and make themselves a slave to it. No task is too much for the benefit of their moggy, oh? There is one little job they leave up to us and we, for the sake of saving our children and hard won vegetables, clear up for them. Brexit was won by a 4% majority and if the government can finally make up its mind we will leave. Cat owners are a 70% minority, yet this 30% have us by the balls. If we killed all the cats, endangered birds would quickly recover, more fresh fruit and veg will be eaten. Cat owners could at last remove their heads from their arses and make real friends. I know I am dreaming, one day politicians will serve us and not themselves.
    If I have upset anyone, Tough.

  94. I live on a fairly new, but crowded estate in a small town in the UK. There is a piece of grass directly outside our front door that is owned by the council and now being used by hundreds of cats as a communal toilet. As it’s winter right now, it’s dark in the evenings and this evening both my son and I stepped in cat shit just as we walked through the front door. I had to put my son’s school shoes through the washing machine twice at 40C to clean them. The mat and carpet had to be washed too. I didn’t realise that I had also stepped in it and used my shoes at the back door later to take him to Scouts. My wife called me to tell me it was all over the back door/living room carpet AND also ended-up on the pedals and carpet in the car!!!!! My shoes are now on their second wash to get rid of the stench and the car will have to be washed and fumigated when I get up tomorrow morning in the daylight.

    Based on what you and other people have said, I’ll be calling the Council on Monday morning and ask them to clean-up the filthy, stinking turds at their expense and see what answer I get back. After all, they say it’s a health hazard so just wondering how much crap will constitute a call out? Even one turd can blind you, give intestinal parasites and other diseases, so let’s see what they say.

    Why do I hate cats? They destroy the indigenous wildlife; especially the birds. They shit and piss all around my property and I have to clean-up and disinfect the areas. Horrible squeals and squawks as they brawl and especially at night.

    What the hell is wrong with the UK as a nation of feline loving morons, when they all must have a social nuisance(s) to inflict on the rest of us who frankly don’t want it or need it. Selfish bastards!

    Yes, I do own animals, but not any that will be shitting on my neighbour’s doorstep anytime soon….

  95. Thank you for this and I agree with your points. I have a dog and I would get slammed if I let him do his business anywhere and not clean up. I get annoyed by finding cat poo in my garden but what irritates me more is listening to cats yowling all night and owners not getting their pets in to stop the noise nuisance. I get complaints if my dog barks for a few minutes. So why is it different for cat noise nuisance. I also like to draw wildlife in my garden…I feed the birds, have had a hedgehog visit and field mice. I actually caught a cat waiting under my bird table and I have also saved a mouse being chased. I understand it’s in their nature as cats have a prey drive but I am now wondering if I am condemning the birds, mice and other animals who visit to their doom by leaving food out. I don’t hate cats but I wish there were stricter laws on owning and caring for these animals.

  96. Definitely agree, in my area I will be fined for walking my dog without 2 bags for poo, its doesn’t even have to do a poo and I can be fined. The cats however poo next to my motorbike, where I have to bend town to unlock it. Now they destroy my young vegetable plants as well.. . However the reason I message you.. . ALL cats, whether the owner believe it poos only in their litter box or not KILL slow worms for fun.. . Slow worms are: ‘protected in the UK under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). This makes it illegal to kill, injure, sell or trade wild slow-worms’. So if I find a dead slow worm, how do I find out which cat owner is liable for prosecution? Perhaps there should be a limit for cats allowed per square mile?

  97. Good luck in finding dead slow worms…… jeez get a life…. can you think of any other animals other than a cat that kill slow worms? If not google it…. can you think of any other animals other than a cat that dig up garden vegetables? If not google it…

    1. so i did, none avilable on google.. (but then ud know that if you educated yourself before being insulting) I know cats bring owners slow worms cos our childhood cat did this.. . fox would eat it, cats hunt just to play. I did google the garden disturbance that how I know its cats.. perhaps you should educate yourself? I have a life, it is being f**ked with by ignorant t**ts who dont understand their cute pet is acually a predator thats harmfull to local native nature.. .

  98. Even though I am a cat owner I agree with some of you but i am sick and tired of my neighbour telling on me to my housing association and doesn’t have the decency to tell me so I can do something about it so am waiting for my housing to ring me this week and give me the go ahead and the permission to make a catio in my garden but then I suppose he will moan about that next

  99. I’m so pleased to hear that so many other people share my opinion on neighbours cats messing in our gardens. It’s an absolute nightmare. It’s really bringing me down. We’ve tried absolutely everything to deter them all to no avail. I can’t express just how miserable it makes me everyday to keep finding their disgusting mess in our garden when we work so hard to keep it looking nice. The stench is appalling, it’s costing us a fortune in bags to throw it away, I no longer want to do my gardening as I’m fed up with putting my hand in their disgusting muck when I’m weeding, and I’m scared to let the grandchildren play in the garden.
    I too strongly believe that cat owners ought to be made to be responsible for their pets in the same way as dog owners are. Plus it’s rubbish that cats are free spirits not able to be restrained. If you make sure your cat is trained to use a litter tray it will continue to do that as they are creatures of habit. It’s just an excuse banded about by their lazy, anti social owners who don’t give a damn or have any respect for the people who live next door to them. I can’t believe in this day and age that we are still having to put up with this disgusting and abhorrent situation. Come on MP’s, get your act together and do something about it for goodness sake.

  100. Every single day I get up to find at least one pile of cat shit on my front lawn but today there are three and I have to pick it up. I spend a lot of money on my lawn only to have it spoilt by other people’s disgusting cats. I have a dog and like everyone else would be fined for not even carrying a poo bag………where is the justice! I am surrounded by cats so I am going to have a camera installed so I can identify the culprit and approach the owners. In the meantime I will do what I do everyday and dispose of the disgusting mess left on my lawn.

  101. Cat owner next door not responsible for car shit it seems. Sonics seem to work for us I now have 4 as garden is quite wide. Gravel on rockery or flower beds stops them. Foxgloves around garden and lillies stop them but only in season water spray they hate 🙂 and they know yoy do not like them which helps. They have regular area they like to lie in so place a ball in it! They hate balls! So go elsewhere! Turn sonic up high! So cat owner can hear it! And gets the idea and the louder the better!

  102. cant stand the smell of it our neighbours house stinks out the street im sure there shitting and pissing all over the place and cant look after them its disgusting!

  103. Cat owners are selfish. I asked our neighbour who has 4 cats to come over and clean up the shit left my her dear tiddles. she said that she didn’t have the time. After debating the point for over 10 minutes, she said “it’s what cats do, what can I do!” I reiterated that she could come over and clear up the disgusting mess, and as for not having the time, she could have done it easily in the 10 minutes that she had spent arguing about it. As I said. SELFISH!
    Cat owners have to accept that moggies are either pets, or wildlife, they cannot be both. If they are pets, then owners should take responsibility for them and their mess.If they are wildlife then they are fair game and if causing nuisance, landowners should be able to eradicate them by whatever means necessary. Cat owners, YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL YOUR OWN WAY!!!!!

  104. Well I hate humans who r non virgin, who have had feelings for others, n especially ones who sleep with multiple people in their life. I also hate babies, children, sluts and cat haters. If u r gonna get rid of the cats, then let’s smash in human babies heads. Well start with your kids n ur slag.

  105. Cats are a menace to wildlife they killed the bluebirds I used to feed .If only the law could be changed to include a license for cat owners to act responsibly.

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