I love Chocolate

Do you love chocolate, I do and have you eaten something or so much of something that straight after you really regretted it/felt guilt or felt so stuffed that you can’t possibly eat another morsel.

Hands up! I admit I have 🙂

Lots of times 🙁

Its nothing to be proud of I know but what makes me do things like this?

I love Chocolate!

I love it, love it, love it. In fact I can’t eat enough of it sometimes.

I am not a compulsive chocolate eater, I don’t eat it day and night but unfortunately when I get the urge to eat chocolate, its all I will eat, and I always, always buy and eat too much.

When I was a child I don’t think this was the case because my parents only gave me sweets as a treat, not to make me shut up! But since I have become a wage earning adult I find that the urge to buy and consume large amounts of chocolate quite compulsive as I have the money to do so.

The offices I used to work at, where directly above a Newsagents and sometimes they had special offers on, You know the type. Buy 4 Chocolate bars for £1… Eeeeep! Could I keep out of the shop, sure, but if my wife comes to pick me up she’ll buy the special offers and then maybe later in the evening offers me one as a treat.

This is a massive problem as she loves chocolate as much as I do. So firstly we have a chocolate bar between us, then another one, and another, and another. Until it’s all gone. Then we both sit there stuffed! Sad really. That’s how the chocolate goes in our house.

Sometimes she’ll get the special offers from Thorntons and they all go in one sitting!

When this usually happens though we both usually feel really guilty and spend the next few days eating garnish (Vegetables). I don’t know why my wife has too, she eats more than me and never puts weight on.

I don’t know what it is with Chocolate, I’m told it has a chemical in it that has the same effect as sex. Hmmmm, Maybe. But I never feel guilty after sex only after chocolate.

Maybe the guilt is from a chemical in the chocolate, which makes you want to feel not guilty and eat more chocolate.

All I know is it taste bloody good! That taste that only chocolate gives and the more expensive the chocolate the better the taste!

I really feel the urge to go and buy some chocolate right now, however the guilt factor is there already.

God! I love chocolate.

People who love chocolate so much they make it:

Cadburys, Thorntons, Duffys, Green & Blacks

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