I think I may be turning into an insomniac.

For the past few weeks the amount of sleep that I’ve been getting has become less and less to the point where I’ve been existing on about 3-4 hours sleep per day.

Tonight’s a classic example it’s gone midnight I have to be up at 5 a.m. and I’m not tired. Maybe I’m not tired because I don’t want to go to bed or o haven’t done a hard day’s work (not physically anyway) but after last nights few hours sleep, I think I had about two and a half hours sleep I should be begging to go to bed, but alas I’m wide awake.

Another issue maybe that the clocks went forward and my body is going, no it’s only 11 p.m, but I’m the morning I’m wide awake as soon as the first streak of light hits my eyes.

The irony of this is because I’m wide awake I write or I do some work. This is self perpetuating cycle. The more active my brain is the less likely I am to want to go to sleep and the less likely I want to sleep the more work I want to do!

This might also be because my bed is empty and this may have something to do with this as nobody likes to get into an empty bed!

I’ll finish this load of images for my client the try get some sleep.

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