Statistics and quick facts about Japan, Population, Religion, Holidays

Here’s some Quick facts about Japan and the Japanese.

Capital City:





Shintoism, Buddhism


127.6 Million – Male: 62165974 – Female: 65048525

Life expectancy:

Male: 77.63 years – Female: 84.41 years

Population growth:

0.11% (2003)

Geographic Location:

36 00 N, 138 00 E

Land Mass:

374,744 sq km


rugged and mountainous


29,751 km

Lowest point:

Hachiro-gata at -4 m

Highest Point:

Mount Fuji (Fuji San) 3,776m


Various from Tropical in south to cold in the north

Natural Hazards:

Some active volcanoes, seismic activity (Earth tremours), tsunamis, typhoons

Government type:

Monarchy with Parliamentary Government

Head of State:

Emperor Akihito (Since 7th January 1989)

Prime minister:

Junichiro Koizumi (Liberal Democrat Party)


660 BC (founded by Emperor Jimmu)

National Holidays: 

New Year s Day

1 Jan

1 Jan

Coming of Age Day

11 Jan

10 Jan

National Foundation Day

11 Feb

11 Feb

Spring Equinox

21 Mar

21 Mar

Shôwa Day

29 Apr

29 Apr

Constitution Day

3 May

3 May

Children s Day

5 May

5 May

Marine Day

19 Jul

18 Jul

Respect for the Aged Day

20 Sep

19 Sep

Sports Day

11 Oct

10 Oct

Culture Day

3 Nov

3 Nov

Labour Thanksgiving Day

23 Nov

23 Nov

Emperor s Birthday

23 Dec

23 Dec


Yen (JPY)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP):

£1,996 trillion

Internet country code:



23,168 km total


1,161,894 km total

More information available at:

CIA Website

BBC Website…./country_profiles/1258586.stm


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