Jeremy Clarkson reviews have they gone stale?

I’ve been researching recently for a new car and unless you live on planet zog you cant help but notice Jeremy Clarkson reviews everywhere on the Internet as his name probably pulls punters into websites like flies round the brown smelly stuff!

But are they actually interesting or more importantly informative to read?

In my opinion unless clarkson is actually interested in that car, No!

Heres why i think that.

Two of the cars ive been looking at recently have both have Jeremy Clarkson reviews and both of these reviews have left me thinking, “WTF was all that about” or “that told me nothing” his review of the Golf R estateI found particularly bad as he spent more time telling you about the Golf GTI he’d bought and the car was some kind of whale. (and yes I know he was making a point, is this car better than a GTI, but really!) His other review of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was also a little bit wanting in the information department and after my own extensive test drive left me thinking I’d driven a different vehicle.

Now I sometimes value Mr Clarksons opinion on some matters and I find some of his stuff mildly amusing but question if, a lifetime of living in “car review land” has left him feeling a litle put out by having to review another car. Especially when you look at the amount of information other motoring journalists put out there. Or perhaps, as a celebrity he’s become detached from the man in the street. That is unless its a new Porschealamboferrari or has machine guns sticking out of the wheels. However i suppose his name sells more than just information on Websites and newspapers but for me Clarksons reviews leave me wanting more on the subject.

Perhaps stick to the supercars and shouting “power” and leave the run of the mill stuff to the other motoring journalists.

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