Juggling the Basics, how to juggle with up to three balls.

The Basics
Learning how to juggle is not a five minute job and takes great patience and loads of practise. That is unless you´re either a natural or a genius.

You´re going to need three similar weight and size objects before you start and may I suggest you either buy a set of juggling balls or round bean bags as when dropped these wont roll away. However if you don´t fancy putting you hands in your pocket just yet then grab three tennis balls as these will bounce and help you if you drop them if you can catch them, saving your back from all that picking up. However they will have a tendency to bounce off down the street as well!

Step 1
The first thing you need learn is how to throw just one ball.

I know this might sound daft but you need to be able to throw the ball in an arc and be able to catch the ball with the other hand without looking, by the time you get to three balls this is an absolute essential as you wont have time to watch the balls as at least two balls will be in the air at the time.

Hold the ball in your dominant hand, if you´re right handed then this will be your right hand and vice versa. Now throw the ball in an arc level with the top of your head. Your aim is for the ball to land in your free hand, without you having to move your hand or your body too far to catch the ball. Ideally the ball should be thrown, rise in an arc and then land in the other hand with little movement at all.

Once you have got this down, which shouldn´t take particularly long you should move onto step 2

Step 2
A few of you might be wondering why you´ve only learnt to throw from your dominant hand to the other hand only. Well, this is because you do not throw the ball back to your dominant hand in the same manner. The ball is thrown back on a different arc otherwise the balls would collide in mid air.

Now we move on to Juggling two balls at the same time.

With a ball in each hand you should stand with your feet slightly apart, stand as you would if you where standing in a queue.

Now throw the ball from your dominant hand and as this ball leaves your hand the other ball should be thrown in a similar arc to the first. The ball for your dominant should land in your other hand and the ball from your other hand should land in your dominant hand. If the balls collide in mid air then you need to correct the arc the balls are thrown in. If your arms are flailing about to catch the balls then you need to practise more as you should be able to throw the two balls and catch them with only minute movements of your arms.

Once you can throw two balls with out to much movement and catch them then your ready for the three ball movement.

Step 3.
This is going to seem really strange when you first start but if you´ve mastered the first two steps then you shouldn´t find it too hard to understand whats going on.

This time you´ll need to have two balls in your dominant hand and one ball in your other hand.

The balls should be throw in the following order and you should only ever have one ball in your hands at a time. Two should be airborne at all times once you´ve started the motion.

So throw one of the balls in your dominant hand to your other hand and the ball from your other hand to your dominant hand. Just as the ball is about to land in your dominant hand throw the other ball in your dominant hand. This sequence should be repeated until you either decide to stop or drop one of the balls.

If your´ve managed this then congratulations you´ve done your first juggle with three balls. Remember practise makes perfect!

Whatever you do don´t try to rush this stage as the faster you throw the balls the faster you will have to go to keep up. The arc you throw the balls in should be roughly head height and you should be catching the balls around your mid stomach area.

Some jugglers might not agree with this tutorial but I have taught lots of people to juggle and these are the methods I have used and they seem to work. However if you disagree write to me, tell me why, tell me how you´d teach juggling and I´ll publish them on a page on this site. Either that or send me a link to your site!

Practice make perfect!

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