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With the Brand/Ross fiasco in the media I would like to highlight that people can praise the BBC for the programs it produces as well as complaining about them. Something which seems to be neither publicised nor wanted in todays hate media climate.

I for one couldnt care less about the Brand/Ross joke! sic, but now something steps up to the plate, the Clarkson – truck drivers murder a prostitute comment.

Those who know Clarkson, have read his books or articles in the press will have this was a casual throw away remark not meant to offend. Even if it was, who was it aimed at? Most truck drivers I know have laughed at the “joke” are they offended? No. Are truck drivers or the truck drivers union on the news saying there upset or offended? No.

Who is then? It seems the English collective of Prostitutes are though! What a great way to get on TV and push your agenda but you ll get no sympathy from me. Prostitution is illegal.

However this rant isnt just about Clarkson, its about the impartiality of the BBC.

The BBC which is paid for by you and me is supposed to produce programmes for all its license payers and if Clarkson is sacked over something he has said then Top Gear will cease to exist so bye, bye to one of the few programs I watch on the BBC.

7 million people where reported to have watched Top Gear on the 2nd November 2008 and they have received just over 500 complaints. so thats a 0.00714285% of the viewers. So the other 99.99285714% dont count then, or at the least have no opinion?

I am sick to death of the minority deciding what is good or best for the rest of us. Lets keep the BBC impartial in these matters and if you have liked a program they have made, tell them about it.

BBC Programme Feedback page.

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