Leek to Buxton A53 in a Brabus Smart

I was working in Leek on Monday 14th April and decided to take the long route back to Macclesfield as the weather was glorious. Glad I did as got a clear run on the Leek to Buxton A53 Road from in my Brabus Smart.

Leek to Buxton A53 is a Brabus Smart

The A53 is the main road from Leek to Buxton and passes over one of the highest roads in the UK past the village of Flash. This is not to be confused with the Cat and Fiddle Road which is close by. The A53 is one of my favourite roads and I have driven it hundreds of times in the past few years.

The Music

Music is Track 1 is a Remix of the music from the Commodore 64 game Green Beret by X-formZ

Track 2 is another video game remix from the game Marble Madness by Infamous

Final track is Funkyloader tune from the Amiga game XJ220 by Core Designs.

Leek to Buxton A53 route provided by mother nature and Brabus Smart provided by Me 😉


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