Litter in West Park, Macclesfield

Why is it the people who’ve been using West Park this weekend seem incapable of putting their rubbish in the bins provided or even clearing up after themselves? Would you leave this much litter around in your own street?

I’m not saying everyone who used the park this weekend left rubbish there but there must be some right dirty bastards out there. If this is the state you leave the park in then what the hell are your houses like?

I use West Park virtually everyday as I walk to and from the office and this weekend I’ve been in work so have walked through the park everyday during the weekend.

On Friday morning there was a little bit of litter around the pavilion and also near the Skate ramp, but no more than usual but by Friday evening, around 5:30 there was rubbish everywhere. There were even people sat in amongst other peoples rubbish! And there where discarded barbeques around the park, some of these being still lit!!!!! (what kind of stupid bloody idiot walks off leaving a lit BBQ?????? How long before someone or something, child, dog or wildlife get burnt by one of these things.)

Saturday morning there was even more rubbish everywhere, especially in places that the previous evening had been populated by people! There was broken beer bottles all around the park and someone must have had a campfire as there is an area adjacent to the bowling green there is a 4 foot patch of embers and all the grass has been burnt to a crisp.

Sunday morning was pretty much the same as Saturday, rubbish strewn everywhere along with discarded food and BBQ’s.

Monday morning, more of the same.

And this morning, its pretty much the same as Saturday.

The worst areas are around the pavillion and also on the football field closest to the kids playing area.

It also seems that a lot of this rubbish has also come from Sainsbury’s, its either that or everyone has conveniently used Sainsbury packaging for whatever they brought. Even the BBQ’s are Sainsbury’s branded.
I am not blaming Sainsbury’s, they just sold the stuff. But it does seem that those using the park at weekend have been able-bodied enough to carry it from Sainsbury’s but not capable of carrying it to the bin once they’d finished with it. Perhaps Sainsburys need to take a little responsibility though, but I reccon it will be a cold day in hell before a large retail chain put community before profit!

I must commend the Staff at the park whom I’ve been speaking to this morning and all have been on clean up patrol all weekend. Btw this is not their normal jobs and they have received no overtime for this! I know the parks arent a priority for the council and if it wasnt for the staff who’ve taken time to clean the park then “you” wouldnt be able to enjoy it! Besides you’d soon complain if these guys didnt clean the park and there was no where clean for you to sit on a nice sunny day and eventually litter.

If your going to use the park this coming weekend, dont be such a lazy git and put your litter in the bin or even better take it home!

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