Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall, Congleton, Cheshire one of the UK´s most famous timber framed buildings.

What a Wonkey olde house.

This place was the first National Trust property my wife and I visited and as such is one of the most memorable.

Situated on the A38 just outside of Congleton, Little Moreton Hall is the old home of the Moreton family, whom where land owners in the county of Cheshire from the early 15th Century.

A bit of history of Little Moreton hall

The house was built on this plot of land around the same time and has stood here since then. Over time though the building has been both added too and has settled into the ground on which is was built upon and as a result is now a unique piece of architecture. This is due to the house not standing straight in nearly all directions. The walls aren’t straight, nor are the floors or the roofs. This makes walking round the house nothing, if not entertaining.

The house itself is of a filled timber frame construction which means that the main building construction is made up of a timber frame and the resulting spaces are then filled with bricks and motar.

Due to the houses age it has quite a long history of which can be discovered by viewing the materials inside the house or by taking the house guided tour.

Take the guided tour

If you are planning to visit Little Moreton Hall then I would recommend taking the guided tours as both of these are very informative and quite amusing as both tour guides do try to inject and element of humour into their tours. I would say that the male guide was more amusing and more informative about the contents of the house.

Parking is £2 but this is refundable on entry to Little Moreton Hall. Entrance is £4.60 for adults and £2.25 for children. The hall is open Wednesday to Sunday from 29th March to 2nd November and Saturday and Sunday the rest of the year. There are ample facilities, however disabled access is restricted to the ground floor and the gardens of the house.

Little Moreton Court YardLittle Moreton Hall also has its own restaurant which serves period meals of a 15th century nature.

This is a quite spectacular National Trust property which prompted me to join the National Trust.

Little Moreton Hall,
CW12 4SD

Telephone: 01260 272018

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