Look at your soul, not your mobile phone!

If your looking for the answers in life look at your soul, not your mobile phone, the answers maybe in words on your mobile screen but only the truth lies in you. A lesson well learnt by this techofile.

In the past week I’ve had two events which has really shook my world and honestly excited, scared the shit out of me and confused me because the emotions they provoked, produced emotions I was completely unprepared for. I fucked things up, said the wrong things and everything went pear shaped! That’s made me sad as well but what it has done is made me take stock of a few things which I should have sorted out a long time ago things that I’ve been searching for in my mobile phone for the past few years.

The answers aren’t there! Well they are but the response to them is only in you. Just because you read it doesn’t mean you should, can or want to act upon it.

Its only when you actually sit down look at what’s in front of you and take stock of what your doing, what you want, what you goals are in life that you can act on them and sort them out. Don’t sit typing bollocks into your mobile phone. GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) and my word I’ve done a great deal of that over the past few years. I dug a hole so deep this weekend a group of miners are out looking for my common sense down a pit somewhere!

Out with the old and in with the new, a change of lifestyle, telling someone what’s on your mind, even maybe not telling the truth to spare someone’s feelings. Its all about life lessons and the answers aren’t in your mobile phone and it’s made me realise how little I think things through sometimes. If it needs to be said, say it, if someone gets offended then that’s life. Your mobile phone won’t tell you that!

In todays tech obsessed world why do we spend all day staring at our mobile screens. Sure there great tools but why are we still talking to each other via our mobiles devices? Talk to people face to face. So much is lost in conversation when you text or voice chat with someone. As humans we’re conditioned to see people face to face, visual communication is much more important than the words which come out of our mouths as we’re conditioned to pick up non verbal communications from the day we’re born! Happiness, sadness, joy, excitement, relief, anger and even fear. You don’t get that by typing letters into a keypad.

We also rely too much on our mobile devices for “information”! For the love of god why does no one say “I don’t know anymore” instead of “I’ll Google it”! Would my life be any better knowing how many ping pong balls it would take to fill Twickenham? I don’t know! I really don’t fucking care either! Some people do!!!!

Ironically I’m typing this on a mobile device, I’m going to put it down in a minute as I’ve just told someone how I feel face to face. It felt good, it felt sad and it felt relief. I didn’t do it on a mobile I don’t need a mobile to tell someone what’s in my soul. In the future I’m going to be using mine less, it’s a distraction, it’s a nuisance but it’s also a tool, a tool we need to moderate in our lives, for the sake of our souls!

I love what my mobile brings but it’s not the answer to your problems, it’s not got a soul!

Peace out people! You’re all beautiful so don’t waste your life staring at your mobile phone!

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