Love Story

The first time I saw you,
I knew you’d be mine
you said you were married
I didn’t know at the time
you said you were lonely
Husband treated you bad
My Life is the same
We both must be really mad
We really met properly at your works do
Christmas time gathering
I wanted to speak to you
I finally made contact
We stood and we talked and talked
Confided in you
my intimate thoughts
we stood in a room, many people there too
but all that mattered was just me and you
We both had a few drinks, maybe one or two
And when you touch me for the first time
Made me want you so much
We stood there the whole night
Discussed our past lives
A husband who doesn’t care
An apathetic wife, never there
For so long in their grasp,
Living unhappy life’s
The time came to leave
We both had to go
Left the restaurant together
Our hearts warm glow
Together hand in hand
Then outside we kissed
I knew at that moment
something special, not to be missed
Your kisses like nectar
wanted more, your an intoxicating mix
We kissed and we cuddled
Like teenagers, once again
And that night I wanted
You more and more
We parted that evening
And in the morning met again
Left my past life shortly after
Decisions I don’t regret
Being with you it’s as good as it gets
Want you forever, at the top of my list
I know I’m not perfect
Sometime rougher than is rough
And living with me can be increasingly tough
One thing over time
Diminished not once at all
Is that initial thought
Of wanting you lots
And when we’re together
My heart skips a beat
And everyday you sweep
me off my feet
I still love you kisses
The sound of your voice
Being with you
It’s like winning the lottery
Again and again
I know I’m not perfect
Sometimes I’ve been bad
Thoughts in my head
Or lack of action
Making you mad
Sorting myself out
the first step, in making amends
Want to be with you
Forever and a day
By your side I’m wanting to stay
In love, life, work and play

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