Macclesfield to Penzance and back on one tank of fuel

IMG_20141207_235104I’ve been to Penzance this weekend and left Macclesfield with half a tank of diesel at 1am on Saturday morning. I did a steady 60-70mph all the way down the M6, M5 and A30 with one stop at Gordano Services and arrived in Penzance at just before 7am.

Drove about another 60 miles in total in Saturday looking at houses in and around Penwith and fuelled up in the evening.

Drove back on Sunday afternoon via Saltash to see Mr Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s bridge and did a steady speed all the way back to Macclesfield. M5 and M6 like car parks at Bristol and Birmingham which mean traffic was stop/start for about 30 minutes of the journey.

Averaged 65mpg which means less than a tank in total and overall speed average was 55mph, driving 764 miles in total.

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