Magpie Mine, near Sheldon, Derbyshire UK

Magpie Mine is a former lead mine close to the village of Sheldon in the Derbyshire hills near to Bakewell and Buxton and has been mined for lead for over 250 years.

The mine itself is some 727ft (222m) deep but the bottom 160ft (47m) is now flooded. Water was pumped from the mine by a Cornish beam engine which was housed in the stone building and pumped water up to adit level known as Magpie Sough. Water then runs down the adit to the River Wye near Ashford in the water.

The mine can be found at this location on Google maps:…

If your interested in finding out more then visit:

Video shot on a LG G5, sorry if some of the pans are a bit jerky but my dog was on the lead and pulling!

More images of the mine can be found on my Magpie Lead Mine page.

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