Master of my own fate

I have a propensity to fuck things up. I admit it. As master of my own fate its no ones fault but my own.

Its my own fault. I cant help myself. I talk to much, I don’t listen enough and then I think things through to much.

In the past twenty four hours I’ve done my best to upset two of the nicest people I’ve met recently. One because I didn’t listen enough and got things wrong and the second becauseI thought things through too much and went off on one and upset them.

One of them is still speaking to me while the other has closed me down completely and now won’t communicate with me in anyway. Can’t say I blame them.

Sometimes it pays to take time out and step away from a situation to take stock of what’s gone on, is going on or what could possibly happen but alas in this occasion I didn’t do this.

If you’re reading this then, sorry. You shocked me with what you said and I paniced, I thought about what you said too much, said what I thought was right and now know I said the wrong thing.

Call me. Please.

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