Mercedes B-class (W246)

So after 8 years of Subaru ownership and 8 years of fun packed but low MPG motoring its been time for a change. So I bought a Mercedes B-class even after the problems I had with my last A-class.

So here it is my Mercedes Benz B-class B200 CDI Blue efficiency.

Mercedes B-class

So why did I buy another Mercedes?

Well I looked at a lot of cars when trying to make a decision and some dealers wouldn t even give me the time to let me have a test drive, Macclesfield Audi and Polar Ford I point my finger at you. Some cars where just down right awful and some didnt meet my exacting MPG requirements.

With the amount of vehicles ive bought off Mercedes in the past they were quite accommodating both for test drives but also on price.

So I am now the proud owner of a Mercedes B200CDI which I collected on 1st September 2012.

Update January 2014:

10,000 miles down and everything is ticketty boo and average MPG is close to 55mpg over the distance although I have seen 84mpg on the display while travelling to Blackpool in slow moving traffic recently.

Update June 2014:

Ive learnt how toreset the service assyst on W246 Mercedes Benz B-class

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