How to modify a Subaru Forester Brakes

How to modify a Subaru Forester Brakes

This page is how to modify a Subaru Forester Brakes helping you to stop quicker.

Before I start on this subject just let me say – buy second hand, but buy second hand wisely. Either that or buy cheap and be prepared to service the items you’ve bought. Cheap isn’t always best!

There are a number of ways to make you Subaru Forester to stop better and most of these options can be found sat on other models in the Subaru models.

Simplest way is just to buy better pads, I read that Ferodo DS2500 and Brembo MS1144 are excellent after market pads, even EBC red stuff are better than the standard ones.

However if you want something better than you need to look at the Subaru Impreza range and initially I went for the brakes off a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX as again another mate was selling his after upgrading to 6 pot STI calliper’s. I now had a full set of both the front and rear corners and decided to fit the fronts and rears at the same time until I found out the back brakes require a Brake extender as the standard mounting brackets cannot be used for WRX rear calipers as the distance from the fixing point to the edge of the disk is greater than the standard forester items. This bracket can be bought online from a number of online sources ( is one place) and bolts to the standard mounting brackets and extends the fixing point onto which the calliper sits.

This is needed as the WRX brake disk is larger than the standard Forester rear disk. This enables rear disks and callipers from post 2001 models to fit pre 2001 models. You would also need this kit if you are fitting rear STI callipers to a Forester.

As well as replacing the callipers I replaced the brake pads all round with Pagid brake pads.

So I now have WRX brakes on my Subaru Forester Stb and boy does it stop quick, but after performing a few power upgrades I still wanted something better.

Brake StopperSubaru Impreza STI Brake upgrade

Again another friend was putting bigger brakes on his Impreza WR1 STI back and I ripped his hand off when he offered me a full set of STI brakes cheap. :O

I replaced the fronts and back as the conversion kit for STI brakes is the same as for the WRX however I had to trim the brake disk shields on the front so the bigger disk would fit. This involved grinding off the outside lip of the brake disk shield which took about 5 minutes with an angle grinder.

This transformation was truly amazing, the Forester is only slightly heavier than an impreza and the large STI brakes make a massive difference in stopping power. Be very wary though of people tailgating you if you do this upgrade. Shortly after I’d done this someone ran into the rear of me when I had to slam on the brakes on the Motorway. I stopped with room to spare but the 5 cars behind me didn’t and I ended up with no car for a week while I had a new rear bumper fitted.

Another slight way to modify a Subaru Forester brakes is a Brake stopper.

“A what?”, I hear you ask!

A brake stopper, (look here) this makes the brake pedal firmer as it helps prevent the bulk head moving as the brake master cylinder is attached to it and any flexing when you stomp on the brake pedal decreases its efficiency. This device fixes to the suspension turret and braces the front of the master cylinder from moving further forward. It might be a placebo effect in my mind but I swear the brake pedal felt harder than before as I did this modification on its own and not in conjunction with other mods. I’d already uprated the brakes on my Forester and this was my last braking modification and it definitely made the pedal feel firmer.

If you look at the picture to the left you will see a silver piece attached to the suspension turret and braced against the front of the brake fluid/master cylinder. Click for larger image.

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