How to modify a Subaru Forester Styling

How to modify a Subaru Forester styling

Now we’ve done all the donkey work of making the car handle, stop and go lets look at how to modify a Subaru Forester’s styling by adding toys and trinkets.

Making the car look something else might not be every ones cup of tea but I managed to get a full JDM spec body kit and after fitting my car now looked like this.

Subaru Forester BodykitThe full Subaru Forester kit comprises of 4 parts, a front splitter, Side Skirts, Rear Canards and Spoiler.

The Front Spoiler is held in place by screws within the wheel arches, as well as 4 brackets which bolt onto the front cross member. There is also double sided tape which holds the top to the front bumper.

The Side skirts are a pig to fit, you remove the smaller side skirts and then glue the top of the larger skirts with double sided tape along the top of the original sills and then you have to apply massive pressure to stretch the skirts over the sills so they can be bolted underneath.

The rear canards are taped and bolted from underneath.

The last part is the rear tailgate spoiler which gives the backend a very defined look as it the rounded shape of the rear end and turns it more of a 7 shape. There are two rear spoilers I’ve seen on the market for the Forester.

The first is the standard JDM rear spoiler which comes on the S/tb and T/tb models and also some early STI’s. The second is the STI spoiler which has a more pronounced lip on it than the standard item. There are also a few after market ones but these are as rare as rocking horse poo in the UK as only Japanese aftermarket parts where produced. (unless someone knows any difference?).

To fit the spoiler you are going need to drill holes in your bodywork, specifically the rear door. If you buy a spoiler new then it should come with a template you can stick on and then mark-up the holes. If you don’t have the template, measure, measure, measure, measure and measure some more. If you do not get the position of the spoiler correct then you risk having a cock eyed spoiler, not level, twisted, or not flush with the door.

The spoiler is curved and will sit flush and if its not correctly fitted then the plastic will not sit right against the tailgate. Either fit it very carefully or buy a second hand Japanese specification door. Good Luck, as I know a few who’ve tried and screwed up.

Subaru Impreza scoop on a ForesterI also managed to get a 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX bonnet scoop which I had to modify to fit onto the standard Subaru Forester shaped hole in the bonnet. I did this by creating a template from the standard Subaru scoop and then applying the template to the Impreza bonnet scoop and filling and sanding to make the right shape. This scoop is about 30mm higher than the standard and has a more rounded entry profile. Again I got this from a Subaru Impreza owning friend for free, yes she was throwing it way. However it didn’t stay on the car for very long as doing 145mph it parted company from the bonnet. The second one I bought off fleabay for £20 and used bigger washers and bolts to anchor this one to the car.

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7 thoughts on “How to modify a Subaru Forester Styling

  1. Hi, Im really trying to find the front and back bumber parts you have added but cant seem to find them anywhere. Hoping you can help

    1. Good luck with your search but I struggle to get hold of these 10 years ago. Nobody manufactures them anymore the only source you find in the UK is scrap yards or other Subaru Forester owners.

  2. Hi, awesome car!! I have an 1997 stb and I want to install a boost gauge. Can you tell me what vac line to tap into? Do you have a photo of the lines by any chance? I cant seem to find any pics on the net for an stb boost gauge install. Thanks!

  3. Do you still own this car?! Its rad! Im purchasing a 2003 2.0 turbo forester, is that the same model as yours? I didnt see if you had the 2.0 or 2.5.. cheers!

    1. I don’t own it any more. Wish I did when I feel the need for speed but alas I do about 20,000 miles a year now and owning a 20mpg car would financially ruin me. The 2003 car is a 2 litre.

  4. hie mykip great post on forester. I have an stb as well. i wanted where can i get good ht leads and coil pack in uk. and what spark plugs can i use.i want to do the timing as well. cheers

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