How to modify a Subaru Forester Wheels & Tyres

How to modify a Subaru Forester Wheels & Tyres

Modify a Subaru Forester Wheels and Tyres

I needed to replace the standard tyres on my Subaru Forester as they were nearly down to the legal level and they aren’t great. Also in my case the tyres I had on were 16 inch Bridgestone Geolanders 205/60/16’s or Geosqueelers as they are know in the Subaru fraternity. Not particularly bad tyres or wheels (standard S/tb items) but some things need addressing, the standard tyres are great for normal driving and off road but when pushed to the limit they let go too quickly. They also make a bloody awful noise when pushed hard which is why they’ve earned the nickname Geosqueelers.

Now why aren’t I saying, “just change the rubber?” Well to do some of the things in this you will need bigger wheels so you can stick bigger brakes underneath. Also a large wheel and a lower profile tyre will give you less tyre roll and more control and steering feedback.

Subaru Forester Stb on 18 inch alloys - Modify a Subaru Forester Wheels and TyresSo replacing the wheels and tyres will give you a little better handling and also a greater range of tyres to choose from than the standard 205/60/16’s. You can choose from quite a large range of 17, 18 or 19 inch wheels that will fit the forester. +48 is the standard wheel offset to help when looking. I went for 18’s as these wheels, right,  fell into my lap when I wasn’t looking.

A friend offered them for a great price with Falken FK452’s 225/45/18’s on them.

The wheels I had on my Forester are Rota Gra’s.

If your currently rolling on 15 inch steel wheels then you need help 😛

modify a subaru forester 2: Brakes >>

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  1. I have a similar SF5 st/b forester and I’m looking to upgrade my wheels to a similar setup that you have. What are your wheel specs(diameter, offset) ??

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