How to modify a Subaru Forester Wheels & Tyres

How to modify a Subaru Forester Wheels & Tyres

Modify a Subaru Forester Wheels and Tyres

I needed to replace the standard tyres on my Subaru Forester as they were nearly down to the legal level and they aren’t great. Also in my case the tyres I had on were 16 inch Bridgestone Geolanders 205/60/16’s or Geosqueelers as they are know in the Subaru fraternity. Not particularly bad tyres or wheels (standard S/tb items) but some things need addressing, the standard tyres are great for normal driving and off road but when pushed to the limit they let go too quickly. They also make a bloody awful noise when pushed hard which is why they’ve earned the nickname Geosqueelers.

Now why aren’t I saying, “just change the rubber?” Well to do some of the things in this you will need bigger wheels so you can stick bigger brakes underneath. Also a large wheel and a lower profile tyre will give you less tyre roll and more control and steering feedback.

Subaru Forester Stb on 18 inch alloys - Modify a Subaru Forester Wheels and TyresSo replacing the wheels and tyres will give you a little better handling and also a greater range of tyres to choose from than the standard 205/60/16’s. You can choose from quite a large range of 17, 18 or 19 inch wheels that will fit the forester. +48 is the standard wheel offset to help when looking. I went for 18’s as these wheels, right,  fell into my lap when I wasn’t looking.

A friend offered them for a great price with Falken FK452’s 225/45/18’s on them.

The wheels I had on my Forester are Rota Gra’s.

If your currently rolling on 15 inch steel wheels then you need help 😛

modify a subaru forester 2: Brakes >>

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4 thoughts on “How to modify a Subaru Forester Wheels & Tyres

  1. I have a similar SF5 st/b forester and I’m looking to upgrade my wheels to a similar setup that you have. What are your wheel specs(diameter, offset) ??

  2. You need to look up the specs again. +48 is for the base model wheels but it changes as you go up in wheel sizes. Yours may be fitting with those tyres by good luck more than good management but def the wrong offset for 18 wheels according to the manufacturer. There are 4 legal wheel sizes each with different tyre profiles and wheel offsets to keep the car balanced properly. Then there are more specs depending on whether your car is JDM turbo or other category. There is a lot to think about before swapping rims and tyres!

    1. For the Forester and Impreza, Subaru quote an ET of 48. The standard wheel size on the 1997 Forester is 2156016 with and ET of 48. Rota only make the GRA with an ET of 42 and 48. I bought these wheels of someone who’d had them on an Impreza. I agree there is a lot to think about before swapping tyres and wheels but there is plenty of information on the manufactures, wheels/tyres and car manufacturers websites.

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