Mornings walk in the snow

Its not often I get a morning off and today I took one and decided on a walk up and around the Axe Edge moor area up near the Cat and Fiddle pub. Here.

I parked up at the Cat and Fiddle pub and then walked down Danebower Hollow, which normally isn’t an issue but today the snow was up to 3 feet deep and in some places the path was indistinguishable between the surrounding moor and what normally takes me 30 minutes took about an hour.

After crossing the A54 I proceeded to try to get to Blackclough and Orchards farm but the path is completely invisible and I gave up when one of my dogs completely disappeared under the snow and I had to wade into a snow drift up to my waist to get him out. So ended up walking up the A54 to Axe Edge moor and then took the road over towards the A53.

Usually this is quite a busy thoroughfare and I’d never let the dogs run round on this road but today it was utter bliss as its completely impassable unless in the most rugged 4×4 as snow in places is 3 feetdeep. You can see where some vehicles have had a go but had to reverse out.

I managed to walk over the moor and down to Derbyshire Bridge and then back up to the pub but this walk usually takes me 2 hours tops and today took me nearly4. Its amazing how hard snow makes it.

However the scenery made up for the time, with the view from Axe Edge Moor road truly stunning. I’ve only over seen it look better once and this was during sunrise a few summers ago.

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