My experience of Pride 2019

This is my experience of Manchester Pride 2019 and just let me say that I had a really great weekend.

Friday night was amazing, Saturday at Mayfield’s was so, so and Sunday night was fabulous in the village.

Now, I’ve already posted a blog post about the Manchester Pride 2019 event and this is about my experience in the village. While I was there one of the things that really struck me over the weekend was not that I was approached by a lot of men but I was approached by a lot of Women. Gay and straight!

When I went to the village on Sunday night I took a massive leap of faith and actually got dressed up as a woman. I did this as the woman I was with give me great confidence to do that, as I wouldn’t have done it on my own.

From entering the village I was approached by a number of women all who said to me “I love your dress”, “I love your shoes”, “I love your hair”, etc. To me this was an amazing confidence builder.

I was also approached by number of men at the pride event, who said much the same thing. However what did shock me was quite a few of these men also told me that they wished they had the confidence to do exactly the same but were afraid of the repercussions. Yes, repercussions!

This was something that has shocked me and has also stuck with me. In the village I thought anything went at pride as maybe as outrageous as my dress was it was nothing compared to some of the costumes I saw.

In a place which has to be one of the most inclusive events I’ve ever been to why would there be repercussions of getting dressed up in what you really want to wear? Someone please answer this?

At no time on Sunday evening did I feel awkward, intimidated or threatened and everybody I spoke to was so nice.

On Sunday evening I wore a red wrap around dress with white polka dots red along with red shiny shoes. I’d also bought a few items of costume jewelry and a little red handbag. Just a little something to carry my glasses, mobile phone and things like lipstick. I’d also glammed up a bit by painting my nails and wearing makeup and lipstick.

One of the overriding questions I was asked time and time again was how are you managing to walk in those heels?

This was a question I was beginning to ask myself more and more by as the evening went on. Especially having walked some 5 miles by the time we got back to the hotel.

That distance is from the hotel, round the village several times and then back to the hotel again. At times I cursed the ground especially in Sackville Street gardens where my heels sank into the soft ground between the paving stones. Seriously girls, my hat is dothed to you, wearing then all the time.

My feet have blisters all over. On the heels, on the tops of my feet and on my toes and my calf muscles were extremely painful 2 days later but I loved the evening, I loved the attention and it was a massive boost to my confidence.

Would I do it again?

Yes, definitely! Roll on Pride 2020.

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