My Marriage is over

The marriage its over, told her how I now feel.
Which she wasn’t happy with and rejects this with zeal.
“I thought we lived, in such wedded bliss?”
But how can you think that when we hardly even kiss?
I tried to make contact but was always pushed aside.
Broke my heart it did, made me unhappy deep down inside .
And now my heart is black, she screams at me madly.
I should be more forgiving not treat her so madly.

But unable to stand the pain inside anymore
I walk now slowly, towards the door.
The screaming it starts. The hysterical fits.
Your shouting only hurts me further deep inside.
It’s all my fault, to late find out.
“You should have tried much harder” I’m hearing you shout.
I tried but it’s gone on too long, I can’t take it no more.
And again I try to leave, walk out of the door.
“If you leave then there’s nothing, in this life for me anymore.”
So blackmail it is, even this fool can see.
But want me to stay for your own selfish needs!
When I wanted and needed you, you pushed me aside.
This thing you did do. So, please stand aside.
More screaming and shouting but still nothing has changed.
You killed our love as you pushed me away.

As you’re reading, “treated her badly”, you think?
Maybe kept her chained to the kitchen sink?
Nothing could be so far away from the truth.
I treated her well, over her head kept a roof.
But push me away she did for a such a long time.
Until I can’t take it like a bad rapping rhyme.
This constant abuse, mainly mentally​, too much.
I snapped inside and to leave I did rush.
Within seconds she went crazy, her wrists tried to cut.
So it seems like it’s all my fault, know not, do I why?
She doesn’t want me, she tells me but prefers she would die.
This leaves me just thinking, “what can i do?”
I wanted to leave but now “what should I do?”

So, yet again I am locked in to her.
Her blackmail, so evil but, yes it does work.
But with a dead look on her face, looks like she might cry.
So my marriage is over, we both know this and why.
But she’ll kill herself gladly, the horrible sow.
I’m leaving this place, if she’s dead then so how.
She pushed me too far, so a care I don’t give.
Our marriage is over so please let live.
I want out of this household, so bad you don’t know.
So i’m writing this story so bad thoughts they do go.

I’m leaving you gladly, I’m at my Witt’s end.
Our marriage is over, you’re not even my friend.
Again you do threaten, i’ll kill myself then.
Get over yourself, then I walk out the door.
I know things are over, I don’t care anymore
I can hear shouting as I’m closing the door.
Marriage vows broken, don’t love you no more.


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