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My Photography

As a keen photographer I have taken many photographs over the past 6 years, Nearly all of these have been Digital as I now own 6 cameras, the latest addition – a Canon 400D, a Minolta Dimage 7, a Minolta Dimage 404, a Kodak DC210+ and conventional cameras a Nikon N80 and a Minolta Dynax 505si.

As film and processing is expensive the N80 and Dynax are mainly used for work purposes, especially if the client requires extremely high quality prints, however most don´t so the Canon 400D is my prefered camera of choice.

In this section of the site you will find a selection of the images I have taken whilst visiting places around the world, Okay there mainly in Europe but I plan to goto Japan again in December and I´ll be putting those images on the site as soon as I return.

For the moment though we have a selection Available in the My Photos / Images. Pages can be selected from the menu on the left hand side.


My Photography Philosophy
Having had many a conversation with the people at the camera club about what it means to produce the perfect photograph I am of the opinion that the perfect picture is not the one that wins competitions (although this is a bonus) but the photograph which you and others can enjoy.

I have photographs in my collection, some are on this site, which might not win any competitions as the judges would find something wrong with them, but they are non the less stunning and I have sold a number of these photographs in the past few years.

Take a look at the image on the right, I have entered this in two different competitions which where judged by two seperate people. The first competition entered gaining this image a 4th place with 18/20, however in another competition it only managed 13/20. So marking in my opinion is a subjective topic as one judge will give a grade to a picture differently depending on his experience or whether he got sexual gratification last night, maybe!

I do enjoy competitions but sometimes the judges technical skills sometimes tend to cloud there judgement as to whether the picture they are looking at is either good or they like the image.

I have even seen judges discard an image as the subject of the image is not on the thirds!! I had a picture marked down recently because you could partly see up the persons nose in the picture, and the judges comments where “This is a beautiful portrait but I don´t like looking up noses, so it will have to go!” Er! OK!

The best judge I have had the experience to meet recently was the gent who judged a Landscape competition I entered and even if he didn´t like a particular image he would inform you why and what could be done about it. So this was more of a lesson in composition than a competition. Made the judging far more interesting.

So if you enter your images in a competition and the judge gives you a crappy mark or passes a poor remark on your pictures but doesn´t explain why, corner him/her later and ask them why!

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