Norman Motor Services

This is a review of Norman Motor Services of Macclesfield. It’s not often in the UK that you can get a quality service anymore.

The larger a company becomes, the less they seem to care about your individual needs as a customer, I find.

That’s why its refreshing to find a company that
a) won’t stiff you on price
b) always provides excellent levels of service
c) friendly staff
d) superb customer relations.

I am talking about my local mechanic. Norman Motor Services.

If you have read any of my Toyota Crown pages you’ll know that I have an Jap import car and trying to get this car serviced, my local toyota garage (spits!) all but told me to sod off out of their garage, they wouldn’t service my car as it’s an import and if they did I’d need to re-morgage my house, my parents house and my grandparents house to pay for it!

I wanted my car servicing and I wanted to stay local.

A friend of mine recommended Norman Motor Services.

This is a small family owned garage just off the main road as you head out of Macclesfield heading towards Leek.

I took my car to them and was expecting a seedy back street garage and was half expecting to be taken for a ride by them. However I was pleasantly surprised as when i arrived, the garage looked normal, but the range of cars there was quite amazing. From a Mini, Jags and I’ve even been once and he’s had a Rolls Royce in. So he has a very varied and loyal customer base. I won’t trust my car to anyone else now and whenever I return I am always greeted with a smile and a handshake.

So I hear you say “Well, sounds good, but I bet he’s expensive”

NO, No, no.

If I’d have managed to get the local toyota dealer (spits again) to service my car it would have cost £110 minimum plus parts (Oil change only). Mark charges me £60 plus parts (Oil/filter, air filter). For an oil and filter change he charges me £36.

So he’s cheap and he does a very good job.

So he might not always valet your car after he’s finished but if you want to pay main dealer prices then you get a valet in the price. I’d rather clean the car myself and save £60.

If you have an older car, and you dont really care about service history then this garage is well priced and they provide excellent service and value for money.

The only thing I find amusing is that most of the parts he has bought for my car have been from the local Toyota Garage, Of course he gets it trade, so its cheaper. So much for Toyota saying they couldn’t get the parts, idiots!!

If you live or work in Macclesfield and want to get your car serviced, and not pay the earth for it, then you could do no worse than contact, Norman Motor Services. If you want to try them then the number is 01625 618384 as you won’t find their address in the local directories as the business runs on word of mouth. (That’s how most good business work).

Norman Motor Services
Albion Mills,
London Rd
SK11 7QX
01625 618384

Ask for Andrew.

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