One of the Best Amiga Music Disks

I think I actually drove my parents a little mad with this music disk when I was a teenager as I can still remember most of the tunes on this Amiga music disk. The best tunes are Weapon and Weapon II, see the play list timings below.

This is Amazing Tunes 2… Released at Dexion X-Mas Conference 1990…

Play List:
Whisk!: 0:00
Get Down Em: 3:31
Make a Start: 6:30
Tubular: 11:49
Theme Dream: 15:25
Lost In Time: 19:37
Deee-Lited: 24:49
Crusade: 27:51
Weapon: 31:57
Weapon II: 37:00
I Don’t Care: 43:14
Atmosphere: 48:44
Leander: 52:59
Manda: 56:07
Beat Me: 1:02:20
Matey!: 1:06:37
Second Elegy: 1:11:50
Once Again: 1:16:19
Under The Thumb: 1:21:10
BatMeat: 1:24:29

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