Outlook has no Send and Receive button

How to fix when Outlook has no Send and Receive button.

Problem: No Send/Receive button in Microsoft Outlook

Symptom 1: The button is not present but you can do a Send/Receive from the Tools menu.

Solution 1: Some how the button has been switched off.

First thing to check is do you have the New, Reply, Forward buttons shown? If not then right click on the menu bar where they would normally be, and you should get a menu which has Standard / Advanced / Web / Customize listed. Is Standard ticked? If not left click on it. Does the Send/Receive button appear?

If not then maybe we need to reset the menu bar. Right click on the menu bar again and this type click on Customize. You should now have three tabs shown in a window, labeled Toolbars, Commands, Options. Click on Toolbars.

To reset the Standard toolbar back to the default settings, make sure Standard is highlighted and click reset. This again will ask you if you are sure? Select Yes, and then click Close.

You should now have Send/Receive in your Outlook toolbar.

Caution: Before attempting number two you should back up your Outlook Data.

Symptoms 2: This is a new installation of Outlook.

There is a problem with the profile which has been created once installation is complete, maybe due to the setup wizard crashing or not finishing. OR. You have setup Outlook and run the new account wizard and this has faulted at some point.

Solution 2: Close Outlook and the goto Start -> Control Panel -> Mail

Once this is open goto Show Profiles which should be the third button. Once done you will get a list of the profiles setup, there should be only one if this is a new installation. Highlight the profile and then click Remove. You will be asked “are you sure?” Click yes. Close the mail properties program.

This has removed the faulty profile and when you next run Outlook you will be asked to setup a new account. Once a new account is setup the Send/Receive button should be there.

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