“Pack your bags for you?”

You’re at the supermarket, at the checkout, which always seems to take longer than it takes to do the shopping and when it eventually get to your turn the person behind the till now asks. “Do you need me to pack your bags for you?

What! Excuse me?

“Do you want a hand with your packing?”


“Do you need a hand packing your shopping?”

What! Are you asking do I, need YOU, to pack my bags?????


Feck off, how lazy do you have to be to let the person behind the till pack your shopping for you?

No wonder the checkout queue moves so bloody slow, its because Mr or Mrs Lazy-bastard are having their bags packed for them as their too bone idle to do it themselves, or maybe they feel its beneath them to pack their own shopping!!.

Also I want to know which executive is justifying their position by coming up with ideas like this. Can you just imagine the meeting where they thought of this?

“Okay team, what can we do to slow down the process through the tills to a crawl and make our staff do more work for the same money, while helping our laziest of customers?”

“We can get the checkout staff to pack the bags for the customers?”

“Brilliant, have a substantial bonus”

Well, I for one think this is a stupid idea for them to be asking everyone this, maybe Grandma needs a hand but in general, supermarkets should be doing more to speed up checkout not slow it down.

Heres an idea, Mr Supermarket boss, an Express checkout giving your customers, No Chat, No questions, No Packing your bags, no coupons, no nectar cards and more importantly “A Speedy Checkout”.

“Can I have my substantial bonus payment now please?”

“Pack your bags for you sir?” Not today thank you!

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