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Hi folks, is now allowing you to place your content on, add guest blog posts and paid content posts from the rest of the world. With a Domain Authority of 23 and over 750 quality backlinks we are looking to increase the amount of traffic, hits and our website standing so are looking to accept guest and paid content to the site.

If you want to chat about posting your content on then please use the form below and we’ll either email or call you back (UK only).

Typical rates for paid submissions start from £100 per article and will remain on the indefinitely or for as long as the blog exists/remains in our ownership.

Guest articles cannot contain links with the text of the article, a small footnote or author link will be placed.

Paid articles may contain keyword linking within the article.

Why add content to

  • short domain name, just 4 letters
  • generic sounding domain name
  • well established website, online since May 2001
  • good quality content on a variety of subject

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    Terms and Conditions of use:

    1. Any content deemed to be hazardous to our blog will not be considered for inclusion. This is at our discretion.
    2. No porn, illegal wares, spyware, fake goods, gambling websites
    3. All content are added by out and the page layout is at our discretion unless provided photos are required in context to specific paragraphs or quotes within the text.
    4. Pay submissions must be paid for before being added to the site.
    5. all content provided will remain your copyright and you will be credited for this if required.
    6. regular content provider will be granted a user account to edit their own articles as they see fit.
    7. website maybe subject to change at any time, we will endeavour to keep page content wherever possible
    8. linked content will be removed if the linked page later turn into items mentioned in point 2
    9. Content will be removed at a later date if found to be bringing this blog into disrepute
    10. paid submissions will remain on the site for a period of no less than 365 days unless it is deemed to have broken any of the rules listed above
    11. editors decision is final
    12. Our word is our bond and one payment is received we will review your article. if inappropriate it will not be published and monies refunded in full
    13. your word is your bond so ask you ad heir to the above rules