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This section is based on a number of items I have written in the past, about Places I have visited in the UK. If your looking for Places in Japan and places in Spain, please goto the Japan or Spain section.

The places i’ve been are listed on the menu on the right and I have tried to be as accurate as possible with the place names, locations, how to get there and most importantly pricing.

If the prices are wrong when you get there, then:

1. you should have called them first for the prices (most of the places listed have phone numbers and/or web addresses shown)

2. don’t blame me, but tell me so I can update the prices on this site so others don’t have the same problem

3. Complain to the place your visiting, the prices are probably wrong on their website as i’ve usually taken the prices from there

4. If your a member of staff or part of one of these places, let me know.

I’ve tried to include as much info as possible on my reviews but not having kids and not being an OAP some information might not be included so you might be best to call the venue and ask then.

If you wish to include a review of your own then please use the contact form and let me know what you want to leave a review on.

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