Police Speeding = No ban!

Just read this document on police speeding on the BBC website

Why is it that there is one law for the Police and one law for the rest of us.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Thomas of Greater Manchester Police was caught speeding on the M6 near Birmingham doing, wait for it 104mph!

Now what punishment did this man get? Well he got a £450 fine and six points on his license. Now I know people who have been caught doing less than this whom have been banned (102mph – 21 day ban / 97mph – 29 day ban). Why wasn’t this bloke? Maybe, because he’s a police officer?

I would like to think that in the eyes of the law we are all equal, except that is unless you’re already a member of the club. Why was he not banned? I´m sure that if I went out and did the same I would be. Plus I thought that any speed over the 100mph mark was an instant ban.

It also amazes me that this guy was actually speeding when you consider his responsibility within the Police force. One of his responsibilities is traffic issues!

Also he told magistrates that “I considered that my manner of driving was safe. However, exceeding the speed limit by this amount is unacceptable and I sincerely regret my error of judgement.”

Next time you get caught speeding just say the above and see how far you get!

Police speeding, Update #1 – 24/1/2009

Another officer gets away with speeding and his excuse is p!ss poor to be honest.


105mph and no ban!!!!

I for one will be interested to know the outcome of the next person doing the same in Grampian as i’ll wager money it wont result in a fine and points.

Tosh! Utter Tosh!

Police speeding, Update #2 – 31/03/2009

Another one, this time someone has died due to the drivers actions


I am appauled by this as he was chasing after a car which had set off his ANPR system and was doing a claimed 90mph in a 30mph with NO blues and twos’ on and in an unmarked car.

Wrong, just wrong. I await to see what happens and to see if this policeman is sentenced or he gets a funny handshake and a stern telling off.

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