Program a new Mercedes A-Class remote control

This should work on the W168 version of the a-class which is pre-2004 models only.

To program a new remote clocking key fob do the following:

1. Point the key at the vehicle & press the lock/unlock button twice.

2. Turn the ignition switch to position II within 30 seconds. that should be it.

The content contained on this page is for information purposes only, you use it at your own risk. And if it doesnt work then your not doing it right!

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3 thoughts on “Program a new Mercedes A-Class remote control

  1. Hi! I recently change my instrument clusters to my w168 from 2001. Works fine . But my remote does not . When i press lock das unlock . And when i press unlock does nothing. I tried to do this but i don’t know if i do it good . Does not work. Please help!

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