Rail Shambles, speed limits on railways because of weather

Speed limit imposed on UK railways because of hot weather!

Somebody please explain this to me, It hot at the moment and the people in charge of our rail network have imposed a speed limit on the rail network as the heat is affecting the track and may cause it to buckle.

Now I have two questions here.

The first is the weather in other countries, lets take Japan as an example, have weather which is much more varied than in the UK and their trains run at 200mph. An don織t give me any BS about the temperature in Japan being as low as here in winter. I織ve been to Japan in Summer when its been 30 degrees C plus and in winter with snow on the ground at minus 10 degrees C. There train system is always on time and always running.

So why has the UK system been slowed down to 60mph. If your worried that the rails will bend then this leads me to my second question.

If the track is of such a quality that it could buckle when the heat is higher then is this track of an inferior quality to that used in other countries.

I know that things expand when they get hot but I thought the design of the rails allowed for this? Again I question the quality of the steel used in the tracks if it could buckle in just 30 to 35 degrees of heat.

When I think about this all I see is that this is just another example of the bad management of the rail system or the poor maintenance of the line and the trains running on them.

If you rely on the rail network to get to and from work or you wish to use the rail network instead of the car then this really does make you think about getting in the car instead!

Its about time somebody took a big shiny boot to the arses of those in charge of the rail system, docked there wages, and MADE them sort it out pretty damned sharpish.

Pull your finger out, eh!

What are your views on the UK rail network. Let us know here.

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