Reduced Salt Pot Noodle is Shit!

Its been a while since I’ve had a Pot Noodle but has anyone eaten one recently? They’ve gone all for less salt and as a result this Reduced Salt Pot Noodle is Shit!

I had one today for lunch and was quite disappointed, I am pretty sure there was something missing in the taste department. Something which used to be there which has been taken away.

Quick read of the packaging reveals that they’ve taken out some of the salt!

Some food fascist has decreed that Pot Noodle has too much salt in it and they have reduced the salt. Well thank you very much for that Mr food Fascist but by taking out the salt you’ve also taken out the taste!

In days of old when I would take a Pot Noodle to work for lunch, a Pot Noodle and a couple of slices of buttered bread wouldn’t touch the sides, but this new and supposed improved Pot Noodle lacks in the taste department and I ended up adding salt to make it taste better.

Now I am sure that someone in Pot Noodle land has justified this with the “it’s a better product, healthier for our consumers” Well I say “Thanks for that, but surely the main reason is monitory?”

Less salt means less cost? What other reason is there, since when did food manufacturers give a rats arse about what their customers think?

But in the end what about leaving it up to your customers to decide. Personally I hate it when manufacturers mess with something which has previously been good in the aid of health, how about an “original taste” version and a “reduced salt/taste” version then and let the consumer decide?

Market them at the same price in the same packaging, one with the words original and one with reduced salt on it and see which sells! As until they do I wont be buying another.

So what if the original pot noodle contained 50% of my daily salt intake, I’m a big boy I can not eat other foods with salt in for that day, why do we continually need the nanny state telling us what we can and cant eat because it might be bad for us! FFS!

Unliver sort your act out and get the original pot noodles back on the shelf!

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One thought on “Reduced Salt Pot Noodle is Shit!

  1. I agree. Pot noodle used to be a lovely treat (albeit a bit unhealthy) but once in a blue moon was just what I needed. Now it tastes like it is ‘good for you’. Almost like diet / health food. I used to love the chicken and mushroom pot noodle, and would always have one in my desk at work in case I had to work late at short notice and therefore miss a meal at home. Although now I no longer do this as the current recipe is bland in comparison.

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