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There’s a lot of rhetoric on social media at the moment talking about political corruption and asking David Cameron to quit over his tax affairs, and this has got me thinking about the whole political system and the people employed in it.

political corruption : George Osborne TaxSo first of all, #resigncameron. If David Cameron quits then some people seem to think Labour will automatically get into power. Sorry but they wont and if David Cameron resigns then the job of PM would automatically go to George Osborne. A man who in my opinion is as equally corrupt and has the potential to be even worse as its already noted that his family business has allegedly evaded tax for a number of years.

Also if you think labour are as squeaky clean then think again as a number of Labour MP’s have been under the microscope for political corruption, ranging from claiming additional expenses they weren’t entitled to, tax avoidance or putting money in offshore accounts as well. I also think that Jeremy Corbyns days are numbered as leader of the #Labour party as some of his own MP’s will knife him at the first available opportunity as some of these MP’s are as right wing as the Conservatives and see Corbyn’s policies in direct competition with their own policies or a threat to the New Labour way.

Political Corruption, when did it become okay?

political corruption : Tax-avoidersThe political corruption problem as I see it is that that our politicians haven’t become both morally and financially bankrupt but the problem lies in that they are controlled by the party as a whole who in turn put the interests of their backers ( be they corporation or union ) before the interests of their own constituents, the very people who voted to put them in power in the first place (however this is also a fallacy as potential MP’s are chosen and vetted by their prospective party before they can stand for election). So because MP’s are forced to town the party line, said MP’s aren’t free to vote as they please or as their conscience might want them too but they are forced to tow the party line for the benefit of “Team Tory” or “Team Labour”. If they don’t vote as the party wishes they are cast as “rogue” by the other members of the party.

There is an idea politicians are paid huge sums of money to make them above reproach and have the best interests of the people who voted them into power. This was so they can serve their voters, however this probably went out of the window a long time ago with MP’s now claiming more expenses than is most folk would deem appropriate, flipping houses, taking money from companies to put forward Private members bills and the like. Other MP’s have also been caught either with their fingers in the tills, receiving money they aren’t entitled to, or been found to have money in off shore accounts which is the whole argument behind #resigncameron trending on social media today, 8th April 2016.

Our political system is corrupt and the only people who can do something about it is us the people, what to do is a bone on contention?

I will keep posting articles to this page with MP’s who have either had their fingers in the public kitty or those accused of hypocrisy through tax evasion.

All links below link to external websites.

10/03/2016 – Nadine Dorries starts claiming expenses for rent after re-election despite vow to stop

10/03/2016 – Tory MP claims 45p expenses for car journey – to start a MARATHON 

18/03/2016 – Simon Danczuk, Rochdale MP, To Repay £11,000 In Expenses After Watchdog Ruling

01/08/2016 – Conservative MPs repay expenses claimed for room service, hotels and late payment charge

01/08/2016 – Labour MEP faces jail after claiming £480,000 in expenses to pay off his wife in their divorce and fund his lavish lifestyle

08/04/2016 – Margaret Hodge’s family company pays just 0.01pc tax on £2.1bn of business generated in the UK 

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