Restart a windows service from the command prompt

So, why would you want to restart a windows service from the command prompt I hear you ask?

Well, for a number of reasons you would want to restart a windows service from the command prompt. Especially if you want to restart a service quickly, or if the services.msc program doesn’t load or perhaps you want to restart a service from a batch file. I personally use it when doing remote sessions on customers PC’s so I can prepare commands on my machine, copy and paste them to the clients and press return. Job done and the client doesn’t see fully what your doing. You might say devious but I say, playing my cards close to my chest.

So the first thing you need to do is open the command prompt and you will need to do this with administrator privilages. So, click start and type: CMD in the search box. This will show one program called CMD.EXE. Right click this and select “Run as Administrator”

As thus:

Open Command Prompt as Administrator

Once your command prompt window is open then you need to type in the following line replacing “Service name” with the name of the service you wish to restart.

Command to restart a windows service from the command prompt

net stop “service name” && net start “service name”

An example of this is shown below.

net stop “volume shadow copy” && net start “volume shadow copy”

DOS Command Prompt Window

Once you press enter you will either get an error or the service will start and then start.

If you get the following error, you haven’t started the Command Prompt (CMD.EXE) in administrator mode.

System error 5 has occurred.
Access is denied.
Start again if you get this error.
List of services
Here’s a common list of Windows Services which you can use with the above command.
Name     –      DisplayNameAdobeARMservice     –      Adobe Acrobat Update Service
ApHidMonitorService     –      Alps HID Monitor Service
Appinfo     –      Application Information
AppMgmt     –      Application Management
AppXSvc     –      AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC)
AudioEndpointBuilder     –      Windows Audio Endpoint Builder
Audiosrv     –      Windows Audio
BDESVC     –      BitLocker Drive Encryption Service
BFE     –      Base Filtering Engine
BITS     –      Background Intelligent Transfer Ser…
BrokerInfrastru…     –      Background Tasks Infrastructure Ser…
BTAGService     –      Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service
BthAvctpSvc     –      AVCTP service
bthserv     –      Bluetooth Support Service
camsvc     –      Capability Access Manager Service
cbdhsvc_35f55d     –      Clipboard User Service_35f55d
CDPSvc     –      Connected Devices Platform Service
CDPUserSvc_35f55d     –      Connected Devices Platform User Ser…
CertPropSvc     –      Certificate Propagation
chromoting     –      Chrome Remote Desktop Service
ClickToRunSvc     –      Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service
CoreMessagingRe…     –      CoreMessaging
cphs     –      Intel(R) Content Protection HECI Se…
cplspcon     –      Intel(R) Content Protection HDCP Se…
CryptSvc     –      Cryptographic Services
DbxSvc     –      DbxSvc
DcomLaunch     –      DCOM Server Process Launcher
DDVCollectorSvcApi     –      Dell Data Vault Service API
DDVDataCollector     –      Dell Data Vault Collector
DDVRulesProcessor     –      Dell Data Vault Processor
Dell Digital De…     –      Dell Digital Delivery Services
Dell Hardware S…     –      Dell Hardware Support
DellClientManag…     –      Dell Client Management Service
DeviceAssociati…     –      Device Association Service
DevicesFlowUser…     –      DevicesFlow_35f55d
Dhcp     –      DHCP Client
DiagTrack     –      Connected User Experiences and Tele…
DisplayEnhancem…     –      Display Enhancement Service
Dnscache     –      DNS Client
DoSvc     –      Delivery Optimization
DPS     –      Diagnostic Policy Service
DsSvc     –      Data Sharing Service
DusmSvc     –      Data Usage
EFS     –      Encrypting File System (EFS)
esifsvc     –      Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Therm…
EventLog     –      Windows Event Log
EventSystem     –      COM+ Event System
EvtEng     –      Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Event Log
fdPHost     –      Function Discovery Provider Host
FDResPub     –      Function Discovery Resource Publica…
FontCache     –      Windows Font Cache Service
hidserv     –      Human Interface Device Service
hostcontrolsvc     –      Credential Vault Host Control Service
hoststoragesvc     –      Credential Vault Host Storage
IAStorDataMgrSvc     –      Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology
igfxCUIService2…     –      Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel …
IKEEXT     –      IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules
InstallService     –      Microsoft Store Install Service
iphlpsvc     –      IP Helper
jhi_service     –      Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader…
KeyIso     –      CNG Key Isolation
Lanman     –      Server Server
Lanman     –      Workstation Workstation
lfsvc     –      Geolocation Service
LicenseManager     –      Windows License Manager Service
lmhosts     –      TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
LMS     –      Intel(R) Management and Security Ap…
LSM     –      Local Session Manager
mpssvc     –      Windows Defender Firewall
MSDTC     –      Distributed Transaction Coordinator
NcbService     –      Network Connection Broker
Netman     –      Network Connections
netprofm     –      Network List Service
NlaSvc     –      Network Location Awareness
nsi     –      Network Store Interface Service
OneSyncSvc_35f55d     –      Sync Host_35f55d
PcaSvc     –      Program Compatibility Assistant Ser…
PhoneSvc     –      Phone Service
PimIndexMainten…     –      Contact Data_35f55d
PlugPlay     –      Plug and Play
PolicyAgent     –      IPsec Policy Agent
Power     –      Power
ProfSvc     –      User Profile Service
RasMan     –      Remote Access Connection Manager
RegSrvc     –      Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Registry S…
RmSvc     –      Radio Management Service
RpcEptMapper     –      RPC Endpoint Mapper
RpcSs     –      Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
RtkAudioService     –      Realtek Audio Service
SamSs     –      Security Accounts Manager
SCardSvr     –      Smart Card
Schedule     –      Task Scheduler
SecurityHealthS…     –      Windows Security Service
SEMgrSvc     –      Payments and NFC/SE Manager
SENS     –      System Event Notification Service
SgrmBroker     –      System Guard Runtime Monitor Broker
ShellHWDetection     –      Shell Hardware Detection
Spooler     –      Print Spooler
SSDPSRV     –      SSDP Discovery
SstpSvc     –      Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Se…
StateRepository     –      State Repository Service
stisvc     –      Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
StorSvc     –      Storage Service
SupportAssistAgent     –      Dell SupportAssist
SysMain     –      SysMain
SystemEventsBroker     –      System Events Broker
TabletInputService     –      Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Pane…
TapiSrv     –      Telephony
TeamViewer     –      TeamViewer 14
Themes     –      Themes
TimeBrokerSvc     –      Time Broker
TokenBroker     –      Web Account Manager
TrkWks     –      Distributed Link Tracking Client
TrustedInstaller     –      Windows Modules Installer
UnistoreSvc_35f55d     –      User Data Storage_35f55d
UserDataSvc_35f55d     –      User Data Access_35f55d
UserManager     –      User Manager
ushupgradesvc     –      Credential Vault Upgrade Service
UsoSvc     –      Update Orchestrator Service
VaultSvc     –      Credential Manager
VSS     –      Volume Shadow Copy
WavesSysSvc     –      Waves Audio Services
Wcmsvc     –      Windows Connection Manager
wcncsvc     –      Windows Connect Now – Config Registrar
WdiServiceHost     –      Diagnostic Service Host
WdiSystemHost     –      Diagnostic System Host
WdNisSv     –      c Windows Defender Antivirus Network …
WebClient     –      WebClient
WinDefend     –      Windows Defender Antivirus Service
WinHttpAutoProx…     –      WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Se…
Winmgmt     –      Windows Management Instrumentation
WlanSvc     –      WLAN AutoConfig
wlidsvc     –      Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant
WpnService     –      Windows Push Notifications System S…
WpnUserService_…     –      Windows Push Notifications User Ser…
wscsvc     –      Security Center
WSearch     –      Windows Search
wuauserv     –      Windows Update
ZeroConfigService     –      Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Zero Confi…


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