How to revert to Classic view in Google Images

As you maybe aware if you regularly use Google Images, that the results interface has changed from the classic results page (July 2010), which shows a number of images per page with the web address and the image size to a new, just show the images and move over for the web address and image file details.

Now the new search is all well and good if you surfing on a mega fast internet connection but on slower connections its a pain in the backside and can be slow. Something the boys and girls on their mega fast corporate connection at google seem to have forgotten.

However you can switch the interface back to the classic view by adding a few characters to the end of the web address once you have done a search.

Lets say you do a search for “brittanys” and click the search button, the resulting web address will look like this:

not to make this revert back to the classic view all you need to do is add &sout=1 to the end, so the web address now becomes:

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