Ring Chime setup problems

Ring Chime Setup ProblemsDo you own a Ring Chime door bell and are you struggling with Ring Chime setup problems or having issues getting it to work with your WIFI?

Despite numerous attempts to setup your Ring Chime does it not display your Wifi network when you connect to it? Your presented with the screen to the right but your Wifi isn’t listed in the list.

First thing to check is, is my Wifi visible? If yes then proceed to the next step otherwise you need to login to your router and check the wifi settings to make sure that your Wifi is set to visible. If so…

Check to see what channel your Wifi is set to. After spending some time trying to get our Ring Chime to connect we found that it was set on channel 12. It appears the Ring Chime will not connect to a wifi network on a channel greater than 9.

We changed the channel on our wifi to channel 9 and it appeared in the list straight away.

Hope this helps someone with Ring Chime setup problems and helps get your Ring up and working properly, as there nothing more annoying than a dysfunctional ring!

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7 thoughts on “Ring Chime setup problems

  1. On an iPhone or iPad, follow the instructions below:
    Press the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to leave the Ring app.
    Navigate to the “Settings” app.
    Tap “Wi-Fi.”
    Select the network from the list that begins with “Chime-.”
    Close your Settings App and return to the Ring App.

    1. This will work on the Ipad only if the information above is done. If the WIFI channel is greater than 9 then you will not be able to connect the ring chime to your wifi. Its not an ipad issue its a wifi channel issue.

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