Scrapheap Challenge

Not since the A-team have I seen anyone build a TV series from rubbish.

This is one of my favourite TV programs, which is usually on Channel 4 or repeated on E4 or Discovery Channel.

The point of the show is to build a machine chosen by the presenter, Robert Llewellyn, aka Kryten (from Red Dwarf) and token totty (Cathy Rodgers) whom they added to spice up the series, whom I can see has no function but to look pretty, not that she does that particularly well either since she had her hair cut short, sorry Cathy!. This is unless your watching the Septic Tank version called “Junkyard Wars” Hmmmm, which is hosted by some loser called George, or another loser called Tyler! I forget both their surnames as they bore the crap out of me, and George has the worse attempt at facial hair ever….


Each week the contestants, comprising of 2 teams of 3 people are given the task to build something from the scrap metal, car parts and bits of old things found in the Scrapheap. To do this each team is given an expert, who professes to know something about the thing they are being asked to build.

The teams then go away and collect the necessary parts to complete their task.

Next is where the fun part begins. Once they have all there pieces they need to put them together, this is usually done by cutting, welding, sawing, shaping, hammering and screwing the parts together with as little skill and as much enthusiasm as possible. The building of the craft/vehicle/office block/nuclear submarine/whatever has to be constructed within a 10 hour time frame.

As the show progresses, the presenters have a guest star, which is usually somebody you have never even heard of who also professes to know something about the thing the teams are building. The guest then pokes fun at the designs of the two teams and informs us and the presenters that this and that won´t work because of something or other. The presenters then in turn go and annoy the teams with the knowledge handed down to them by the special guest who nobody has even heard of before.

If your watching “Junkyard Wars” the presenter always, always asks the special guest whom nobody has ever heard of before, to pick a team/design which they think will win the race/challenge at the end. The special guest….. will then try to predict who will win. If your a betting person bet opposite to the expert as they nearly always win!

Once the craft/vehicle/whatever has been constructed the teams must then race or use their creation longer, further or better than the other team, the team doing the most, the furthest, the highest, the lowest, etc.. Wins the round. They then progress to the next round.

The winner of the final, being the winner of “Scrapheap Challenge”.

The show couldn´t be any simpler, I love it, its easy to understand and is compulsive viewing.

Oh, yes, the american presenter is called George Grey, Hmmm, Grey by name, grey by nature.

As the show is no longer in production but you might catch it on one of the cheesy sub channels.

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