Sometimes in life you need a kick up the arse

Yes that’s right, sometimes in life you need a kick up the arse.

I’ve motored along for the past 10 years living in a cosseted blanket of ignorance and would have until the end of time, unless someone hadn’t come along and given me a kick up the arse.

I met someone a few weeks ago, who made me take a good look at myself, opened my eyes to what I had and turned my world upside down in a good way. So much so it actually shook me to my very core.

They made me look deep inside at my life and talk about the things I hadn’t talked about before and gave me confidence to move things along in my life that without them making me think, I probably would never have done! Although I am sure I waffled as my mind went somewhere else as it struggled to cope with the overload of information, again something I haven’t had to deal with for a long time.

Just by listening to me, something which nobody has done for a long time, I realised my life had become stale and I need to change things and move on otherwise I’ll never do the things I want to do in life or be truly happy. That kick up the arse made me realise I needed to change my life, which I have started to do in the last few weeks. Some of it has been hard but things needed to be said and done.

As you get older your priorities change in life and that’s not always in a good way. I’m 45 in a few weeks and this kick up the arse has made me realise there’s more to life than a big house, a big television and fancy cars.

For making me realise this I am eternally grateful. Although you may never read this I can assure you it was nice to meet you. Next time I’d like to listen to your problems.

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