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If your here because you’ve had spam from then please just let me say “its not from me”

I’ve had a great deal of bounce backs over the past few days from email accounts all over the world and someone other than me is sending them. My email server is pretty secure and if I was sending out spam from my account my service provider would be down on me like a tonne of bricks.

If you’ve received spam from then please be assured it wasn’t from me and it seems someone is spoofing my email address. All emails from me will come from either an IP address starting in: 80.229 or 79.170 as these are the only two IP addresses I send email from as even when out of the office I have a VPN which routes traffic through these IP addresses.

Please don’t email me as I cant do very much about it as they appear to be coming from Australia but rest assured I am looking into getting them stopped as they all seem to be coming from the same place.

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