Speed Awareness Course: Questions and Answers

I have compiled a list of speed awareness course questions and answers from those asked by website viewers and from emails, I have received over the past few years.

So in no particular order.

Whats the criteria for being offered a speed awareness course?

First off, you must not have attended a previous speed awareness course in the past three years.

Second, the speed you were captured at was within the criteria/acceptable range.

The speed is typically between the speed limit + 10% + 2mph and the speed limit + 10% + 9mph

In a 20mph Zone this is between 24mph and 31mph

In a 30mph Zone this is between 35mph and 42mph

In a 40mph Zone this is between 46mph and 53mph

In a 50mph Zone this is between 57mph and 64mph

In a 60mph Zone this is between 68mph and 75mph

in a 70mph Zone this is between 79mph and 86mph

If you were caught doing more than these limits then theres a good chance you won’t be offered a speed awareness course.

What is a speed awareness course?

If you have been caught speeding by a fixed-mobile camera, mobile camera van or even a real police person in a police car and this is your first speeding conviction then you may be offered a speed awareness course instead of points and a fine.

This is an educational course, not a punishment, and is run by instructors, not the police or authorities.

Do I have to go?

If you are offered the course why would you not go? The alternative to not attending is points on your license.

Is it free?

No, you have to pay to attend. The fee is the same as the fine for a speeding offense but you don’t get the points. The usual fee is £100

How do I book?

On the letter you get sent inviting you to attend is a phone number and web address. The web process is quite simple to use. You even get to choose the date and time you want to attend.

There is a link to the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme course on the official Gov UK site.

I can’t do it in the next xxx days. Can I do it later in the year?

You have to book the course within 120 days of the offense. That’s the date you were caught speeding not the date you received the letter relating to the offense.

Will I be berated or victimised on this course?

No. Quite the opposite. You are on the Speed Awareness course to be educated not to be put down or have a finger pointed at you to say “you naughty person you”

The course is designed to educate you about the dangers of speeding, why the speed limits are in place, and how to recognise the limits.

Because of Covid is the course online or do I have to go to a classroom?

Since Coronavirus all classes are now virtual and are delivered via the Zoom platform.

Who runs these courses?

The courses are regulated by the National Association of Driver Intervention Providers and are general run by independent companies.

How long do the course run for?

Typically in person classes lasted 4 hours but online classes last less than 3 hours


Thats all for these speed awareness course question for the moment.

Thats it for the moment but if you have any more speed awareness course questions then please ask in the comments section below or read my full article on what to expect on a speed awareness course.

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