Footballers, celebrities, politicians – there all at it “You Know?” – Stop it!

Am I the only person in the UK that the constant use of “you know” drives round the bend!

Every time I turn on the TV and am watching something, lets say a chat show, and the presenter is talking to his/her guest about his/her latest film, book or religious experience the guests sentences are split up with the words “You Know” every five or so words.

It drives me mad!!!!

“Well, ‘You Know´ me and my boyfriend ‘You Know´ we were walking down that ‘You Know´ Oxford Street and ‘You Know´, ‘You Know´, ‘You Know´, ‘You Know´”…….

Arrrrggghhh! Speak properly, you bloody idiot.

If you slowed down and thought about what you where saying, you wouldn´t have to keep stopping to say “You Know”

Its like a more modern version of a stutter!

Its only recently that I´ve noticed it, mainly whilst watching the odd American on TV and they do say “You Know” quite a lot, but in the past few weeks I´ve noticed people on UK TV doing it as well.

I even got to thinking “do I do that, surely not” thankfully I don´t!

Now is this the latest buzz word or is it that the use of the spoken word is becoming a forgotten art. Or are people just getting more “You Know” stupid?

Personally I think it shows a lack of intelligence that you cant string a sentence together without using the words “You Know” or perhaps its just a more polite version of the F word?

“You Know”

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One thought on “Footballers, celebrities, politicians – there all at it “You Know?” – Stop it!

  1. People use ‘You know’, ‘you know what i mean’ and to a lesser extent ‘Errr’, so they don’t leave silence as they’re speaking, which would allow someone else to take over and speak, Silence always sounds unnerving when someone is speaking.

    You can Google and learn about discourse markers and fillers.

    I’d say the reason we hear ‘You know’ a lot nowadays, is bad habit, it’s the buzz phrase of the past 5 years, people hear celebrities and sports people use it, so people subsequently use it in their lives as a ‘filler’ word when talking, so we do infact hear it everywhere.

    I agree it is annoying, The most annoying person i’ve heard doing his is certainly Bill Hader, he literally says ‘you know what i mean’ 5 times a minute, i’m not even exaggerating.

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