Japanese Subaru Forester Stb specifications, 2 litre turbo

Here is a vague list of the Subaru Forester stb specifications or S/tb as it’s also known. I say vague as nobody seems to have a definative list of specifications for this model and even though I have looked at numerous japanese sites for the figures I still cant find a definative answer.

So heres a disclaimer, disclaiming the accuracy of the numbers below and I cant be held responsible if they are incorrect. If you know better, email me.

Subaru Forester S/tb (sports turbo model)

Engine Type: Flat Four – DOHC 16v turbo (EJ20)
Engine Capacity: 1994 cc
Power Output: 250 bhp / 6250 rpm (to Japanese standards, with UK super unleaded, probably 220bhp)
Torque: 229 lbft / 4000 rpm
Transmission: 4 speed AT (4wd) or 5 speed MT (4wd)

Acceleration: (0-62 mph / 0-100kph): 6.6 sec
Max Speed: 112mph (Electronically Limited to 180kph – Its Japanese law)
Imports converted to MPH will have had the limiter removed. (This is done by changing the signal going to the speedo from KPH to MPH by adding a divider of 1.6 (KPH divided by 1.6 = MPH, ie: 100kph / 1.6 = 62mph) this is usually done via a mechanical or electronic device which fools the ecu into thinking its not doing the 112mph limit, thats why Jap import typically have speedos which read 180mph).
FYI: on an airfield track day I have seen 143mph, this was GPS speed.

Acceleration: (1/4 mile): 13.8 secs
Braking: (60-0 mph): 125 ft

Subaru Forester Stb specifications

Dimensions & Weight (in mm & kg)
Exterior dimensions: (LxWxH): 4450 x 1735 x 1580 mm
Interior dimensions: (LxWxH): 1745 x 1435 x 1245 mm
Wheel base: 2525 mm
Ground clearance: 200 mm
Vehicle weight: 1410 kg

To find out how to modify a Subaru Forester visit here.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have a specific question about this model then it maybe better to ask it on the Subaru Forester Forums. Specifically in the European section. http://www.subaruforester.org/vbulletin/f75/


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6 thoughts on “Japanese Subaru Forester Stb specifications, 2 litre turbo

  1. just imported a 2004 XT Forester from japan and would like to know where i can get re callibrated speedometer.l live in zimbabwe.cool starts by the way

    1. no idea, but if your speedo is in KMH and you need it in MPH then you use a multiplyer to divide the signal by 1.6 and it will convert the speedo to mph 100 kmh / 1.6 = 62mph. You need a local specialist as all the ones I know are in the UK.

  2. Im looking to replace the auto gearbox in my 97 JDM sf5 forester TZ103ZB1AA-L3 with an autobox from an sg5 forester TZ1B3ZS4AA-1A . What would I need to do for this to be a success. Im not sure about diff ratios but suspect they are the same. The box Im looking at doesnt have the torque converter so also wondering if I can use the one in my sf5 4eat. Any info would be great.

    1. I’d have a look on subaruforester.org as this info maybe on there but from memory I think the gearbox has its own ECU and not sure they will work well together with the car ECU.

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