Subaru Forester S/tb Turbo, Japanese Import

Subaru Forester stbThis is a quick page about my 1997 Subaru Forester Stb.

The Toyota Crown has gone and this is its replacement, as you can probably tell its another Japanese Import bought from Japanese Imports UK Ltd in March of 2005.

I needed a bigger car than the Crown, internally though as I dont think anything can be as large as the Crown was externally. I now have somewhere to put the dog where my car is protected, plus in the Mercedes A-Class A210 LWB the seats are white and that doesnt match with a dirty dog and the boot on the A-Class was slowly filling up with dog hair. (Took me 2 hours to vac it out of the carpets!)

Just a quick note about the Subaru Forester S/tb Specifications, Its 1997 import from Japan, designated the Subaru Forester Stb or s/tb in the Japanese market, it come with all the toys, electric bits, Aircon, etc and uses the same engine as in the Impreza WRX, albeit with different/softer cams. The normal UK S-turbo comes with a paultry 177bhp where as the import S/tb comes with 250bhp. (UK spec is measured differently so with Uk spec petrol a JDM car will be about 220bhp). Its sister model is the Forester T/tb which is the same car but Auto only.

If your looking at how to modify your Subaru Forester S/tb visit my modifying guide, here.

So heres a few pictures of my Subaru Forester.

This is how I bought the car with the original 16″ alloys and two tone paintwork, as Subaru intended.


Next and upgrade to new alloys and tyres. Alloys are 18″ Rota GRa and the tyres are Bridgestones.

Taken at Levant Mine in Cornwall – 2007

Forester on the cliff tops above Levant Tin Mine, Cornwall

In Sept 2007, I had the bottom half of the car resprayed to match the rest of the car. See below.

Forester at Ding Dong Mine in Cornwall

Picture Taken at Ding Dong Mine, near Madron in Cornwall.

and finally

Subaru Forester S/tb - Lowered, repainted and refurbed alloys
with refurbed alloys and below after a damn good cleaning.

After a Subaru JDM bodykit was fitted.

Subaru Forester STB

This car has also appeared on TV on the Used Car Road show and some more information can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Subaru Forester S/tb Turbo, Japanese Import

  1. Hey man, I just got a forester like yours and have a pressing question. Did you lower your car with coil overs or a spring/strut combo? If so what brand(s) did you use?

    Many thanks! Awesome ride

    1. Yes my car was lowered by 5 inches. The struts I used were off a Subaru Impreza WR1 which a friend of mine was throwing away after upgrading to coil overs. They fit straight on but because of the drop I had to put on Whiteline roll centre adjustment kit, to change the angle of the sway bars. On the back I also fitted Whiteline subframe locking bolts to tighten things up on the rear. All this cost me, well (struts – Free, Roll centre adjustment kit – £130 and subframe locking bolts – £20) I also had 4 wheel alignment done and it drove like it was on rails. Followed a friend one day in his Ferrari and he couldn’t get away from me. 😉

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